Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ANZAC Day 2013

Statue of "Simmo" Simpson & wounded soldier
Another year is flying past really quickly and I've finally found a way to remember my password. Another ANZAC day has come up where I always have mixed feelings for the day and how much it does impact people. Not just the servicemen and women yet all their family and friends even today in this present age. Of how acts of war, terrorism and political unrest still touches the lives of nearly everybody in the world today. Each year I'm always interested in watching all the documentaries of war related events and stories to try to understand what it was like for people living through it. I also like watching the march and the services on TV as well just to see and hear the stories and the people.

For the love of Australia
I've had family members who have went to war and one never came back. My Grandfather 'Max' was a ambulance aid  person or helper in WWII before he got captured and became a POW in Germany for many years. He didn't talk much about the war yet whenever he heard fireworks it used to scare him which wasn't good. I don't have a photo of him yet I miss him a lot. he also loved photography. I have also known and met other people who have served in wars as well. With each one person I've met they have been affected by was and what it does to a person. 

Victoria Award people 
Pictures of service men, chaplain and women
I feel no war is fair and I don't understand it. It brings out the best and worst in human nature in everyone. Expect things never to be the same again after a war because it changes the fabric of time and man's minds. There is left a massive hole where young men once stood looking at the battlefield where-ever it was. It could been with Alexander The Great, Masada, Waterloo, The American Civil War, The War of The Roses, The Crimean war, The Boer War, The Falklands war, The French Revolution, The English Civil war, The Battle of Hastings, The Battle of Culloden  or one of the many battles and wars over all of history to name a few. I could've gone on to name more yet it would've been a very long list indeed. Yet the idea is basically the same where there is some type of conflict between two or more parties. Also where war seems to be the only option at the time.

People are funny things.... Like me with having Asperger's there is a whole lot that I don't understand about the goings on of this world. Yet I know one thing is that I still feel things and sometimes the feelings get so strong that I can't even put them into words or write about it. Yet I know that I am one of the lucky ones who has published a book and has had it released and also read. I have put my voice out there to be heard by people and the general public.  Yet for also those untold soldiers who lost their lives and didn't even get a chance to have his or her stories told.... Then ANZAC day is the perfect way to remember them all who have lost their lives. May they alway rest in peace not only in the ground where they fell yet always in out hearts and memories.... God bless them all....

A moving statue

A moving wall. With each single poppy representing a name.

A few names... surrounded by red

Passer-by looking at the wall

Red poppies