Friday, February 1, 2013

Boxing Day, New Years & Rocks Away!

The engineer looking at the place
Hello again... As I said in my last post Christmas went off without a hitch yet Boxing Day was different. About 6:25am in the morning Dad heard a sound which was like a very loud thunderclap. I think I heard something also yet fell back asleep again. Around 9:30am I heard the phone ring upstairs yet dozed through it. A few minutes later my Mum came down and told me the big news which was a huge boulder which was 10 metres high, long and wide came down near a neighbour's house just down the road. Mum invited me along to have a look also. I hopped out of bed got some shoes on and grabbed my camera to take a few pictures.

My Dad looking on.
Down the side of the neighbour's house
Sure enough about 500 metres down the road from my parents house there stood a huge boulder blocking the whole road. They had already put some sort of barricades up so you weren't allowed to get close. Yet Dad, Mum and I just went around them to have a look what it was like. There was a structural engineer scampering around looking at the rock and the place to see what damage there was. My thoughts were that because of all the rain the day before on Christmas it loosened up the ground around it then it decided to go for a bit of a fall. I was partly right because the engineer saw that there was a tree root underneath it which destabilised it also. My parents friend had to evacuate the house because it was deemed unsafe and her poor cat went missing for the day also poor lady... So what a bad thing to happen on a public holiday hey! I am going to put up a video and photo's of what it looked like so you can see for yourself... On the short walk back my poor Mum had a fall of her own. I just managed to grab her shirt yet it slipped out of my fingers which wasn't good. She found out later that she broke her nose and it's a hairline fracture. Also her shoulder is still painful and playing up a lot which hasn't been nice. All this was less than 2 weeks before their cruise of all things to happen before then.

My New Years was very quiet and quite good. I spent it with it a couple of friends and also had a really nice dinner. With having Asperger's it was nice having a small one yet I would have liked to catch up with a couple of other people yet that didn't happen. So there was a bit of confusion yet I think stuff like that happens on New Years... I hope that everyone else had an excellent and very Happy New Years... May it be the best one yet!!

Where the rock fell from & it's path.

Showing how close it got to the house.

The huge rock itself....

Looking back at the barriers.

The branches are actually touching the house....

Another view of how close it got...

Nice pic amongst the rubble.

How big is it?!

What we first saw....