Monday, March 17, 2014

Anti ~ Valentines Day

Hey there everyone!! Valentines Day was a bit of a non event for me this year because I'm still single. I hope yours was better if you are in a relationship and you had a wonderfully romantic day. Yet for us singles it's a bit of a different story. There's no-one to really share it with.

Ghostly heart
So this year I was quite a bit anti ~ Valentines Day. I started a part time photography course through ASPECT (Formerly known as the Autism Society) the night before on Thursday. We were instructed to go out and take at least one photo a day for the next 6 weeks. So after the course I went to the shops to get some groceries where there I was bombarded with Valentines Day things everywhere. So I got my mobile phone camera and put the 'Negative' effect to take a few photo's from a different perspective. The photo's down below are a selection of a few I took through the course of the day.

Ghostly potted chilli Devil
On Valentines Day evening a friend of mine invited me out to a club for dinner to which I said "Yes".
I wasn't to sure what to think yet still went along for the night. I didn't know whether it was some sort of a date or "Only friends" dinner. After the first one and a half drinks I was informed that we were definitely out "As friends". To which I decided that to stop drinking any more alcohol after I finished the rest of the half a glass left and then no more. So it was very strange surreal experience having dinner with romantic music playing, seeing quite a few couples about being cozy and us two singles keeping each other company. I came to the conclusion it was better having friends about then being alone and not doing anything on that day. I think we wished each~other Happy Anti~Valentines Day!
I do sort of like someone yet they don't like me back so I decided ages ago just to leave it and not do anything. I quite haven't given up on love yet I do feel I would like to share my life with someone and am ready for it... So wherever you are... I do hope to meet you soon an you have the same feelings for me.... Hopefully it will come to pass....
Farewell for now...

More Ghostly lil' devils...

Ghostly sign for them

Ghostly happy heart

Ghostly box of something

Ghostly Mug... Reminds me of Beatles song

Ghostly year saying 2014

Ghostly helium hanging heart balloons

Ghostly shirt I was wearing on the night before Valentines

A magnet on my fridge

Two of hearts...

Then the rest of them.... Love sweet love..