Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Dates ~ Part Two

Custom's House
Saturday night quickly came around where I was meeting up with Deb's on our second date where we met at a place in Chatswood which we both knew. As it so happens I chose the place which was outside Chatswood Seventh Day Adventist Church because it was the only place I knew which didn't have parking that you didn't have to pay. Also it was a bit of a blast from the past which was interesting... So I met Deb's on time and she drove us into the city to see the VIVID Festival. I found it amazing how she dealt with all the city traffic and the extra crowds because of show as well as numerous roads closures and still keeping her cool.... We tried one parking station that turned out to be all "Reserved" car spaces... So why have a parking station when they are all "Reserved" hey?! I suggested we try the Opera House Parking and I wanted to pay to help out with the night. The cost didn't matter because she was kind enough to drive us both in.

One of first pic's of Deb & I
After finding a park finally we arrived from the lower levels of the Opera House Car Park to the lights of VIVID. I'd never been before and this was a totally new experience for me. With my Asperger's I felt like a very big kid on a huge adventure and also on a 2nd date which was exciting... I had no idea what to really expect and I knew that we were supposed to meet a few of Deb's friends somewhere amongst the huge crowds near the Rocks. As we were walking it was like almost the most packed day at the Royal Easter Show with people everywhere and I know that I didn't want to lose Deb in that huge crowd of people. After a few phone calls and text messages we did catch up with two friends of hers who were a couple. I felt a bit strange to meet some of Deb's friends on a second date yet I just went with the flow... They were really nice the pair and somehow we were getting pictures taken together which I wasn't expecting. It was nice and also different because I hadn't been on a proper date in more than 5 years..
The markets

After the pictures and the introductions we walked through the markets where Deb wanted to take another picture of me out the front. So I took one of her also as well.  We went to this little organic healthy cafe place and had something to eat and drink which I ended up knowing as well. While we were there we ended up seeing quite a few more of Deb's friends which was interesting.... I had no idea whether it was normal to meet a whole heaps of her friends on a second date yet I didn't mind.. I also had no real idea what she thought of me although I had gone all shy around her in a real goofy way.. We ended up tagging along with the gang wandering around the festival taking pictures and video on my mobile phone. Also Deb took a few pics of me and I of her which was cool.. She was seeing my photographic side come out big time that night.. I also felt Deb was paying a lot of attention to me which was nice and also I wasn't used to it. I know that I felt a strong attraction to her yet was trying to act cool big time. We were talking away to eachother and found ourselves following the others further into the city which was further away from where the car was parked... I think we were both distracted from the sheer excitement of the night and we bid farewell to her friends. We meandered the way we came and saw this performer with a didgeridoo  and keyboards. I liked the music and told her I was in two minds to buy the CD for myself which was only $10..... Next thing I knew to my great surprise she went and bought me the CD that I wasn't expecting. I thanked her big time and was in awe. We then went to the Opera Bar to get a drink and I was so determined to pay for my own drink before Deb paid for it.... I ordered my drink and forgot to ask what she wanted as well until the bartender came back. It was to my horror and very great embarrassment that I forgot her because I was so used to being single and doing things for myself. Looking over at her after finally ordering a drink for  Deb I felt so bad because I accidentally hurt her without realizing it. I felt that it was "Foot in mouth" time for me with a classic Aspie social blunder. We found a seat to have the drink and talk about the night with what we saw.. It was getting well after midnight and I didn't know what time the parking closed or risk getting locked out so we finally left. I tried to show us the way down to the car park and I took us the wrong way.... I was trying to impress Deb with my good sense of direction yet failed miserably... lol... It was Deb who found the right way which put me in my place. I got distracted because of the night.
A flower man an I

Anyway Deb drove us back to Chatswood where we ended up talking in the car until about 2am in the morning which was really different. I was so surprised at how much we talked and all the the things we talked about. We seemed to click big time and I could relate to her as well. It was like I was a bit nervous as well whether to hold hand with her or simple stuff like that. Even at the end of the night didn't know whether to give her a quick kiss goodnight or a hug or what was appropriate. This was all new to me and I felt like a total novice as to what to do because it had been years of non dating or dates.  So we hugged "Goodnight" twice which was nice and it was so surprising because Deb gave me the most gentle hug. We agreed to text each other when we both got home to our separate houses to make sure we both got home safely. About half hour to 40 minutes later we texted each other then kept texting until about 3 to 4am in the morning or some unearthly hour... I was worried because Deb had a big day of making a cheesecake and other stuff... So there you have it... the story of our first two dates.... Little did we know that since then we have had and still experiencing many new adventures together.... With plenty more new stuff to come.... Just watch this space you all...

The Impressionist people




Light Artwork

Deb at Opera Bar

Me at Opera Bar

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A First Dates ~ Part One

The Rotunda

Picture I took of Dog statue
Deb's meal
Wow. The past month or so has been totally amazing with a lot of different things have been happening. I was emailing someone online who I liked and we seemed very similar with interests and most importantly beliefs. Being a Christian as well was something which I was very happy about to find. So after emailing and talking for a bit that way which was great I was then asked out to meet at Balmoral for breakfast one Friday morning. To which of course I said "Yes. I would love to!"
My meal

The Friday morning soon came up and I was feeling really nervous because I had not been on a first date in about 5 to 7 years which is a very long time. So I prayed for me, the safe journey there and also for my date about getting there. I was a bit early which was good and it took me about 5 minutes to try to work out how to pay the parking metres..  I walked up to the rotunda and saw no-one there so I thought I was the first one there and was going to sit down. Yet I saw a statue of a little dog I liked and went over to take a picture of it to which I saw someone sitting on the steps of the rotunda which was on the opposite side where I was going to sit. I took a picture and realized that there was my date where we introduced ourselves to each other in person. At this time I felt a mixture of great excitement and also nerves about not really knowing what to do or say at last. I was also so surprised to see that we were almost the same height because I'm normally the tall one. My date's name was Debbie and she seemed a bit nervous as well. So we found a cafe to have something to eat and drink which was good.

From then on sitting in front of each other both our lives changed forever where we talked and got along really well. Also we are similar in a lot of different ways which was great. Over the next 2 hours or so we both found it easy to talk and it also went so fast. We also had a bit of a wander down the front path near the beach which was so nice because it was a really warm autumn day. There were quite a few people about doing there thing yet it was such a beautiful place to meet for the first time face to face. Deb had to go to work and wanted to stay longer to talk so we gave each other a hug I think and said "Goodbye" for now. She also invited me to go to VIVID with her and a few of her friends the next night on Saturday night after she worked which was nice of her...

As I was walking up back to my car my Mum gave me a call on my mobile phone which was cool... I told her that we went on a date and how we met. I think my Mum was quite surprised to hear that and also she had a Christian faith also... We spoke for a couple of minutes and Mum was interested in what happened..

As I walked up to the car I felt really happy, relieved and peaceful which was great... I saw a Bird Of Paradise flower and decided to take a picture of it which I liked. I knew the next day was going to be a big day with possibly a lot of things going on..

So after a big day on the Saturday I did meet up with Deb's and going to the city to see VIVID which I had never seen before... Also meeting a few new people as well... Yet that is the next blog post to come up with more pictures....