Friday, September 21, 2012

My Birthday

My mum, myself & 2 aunties.

Wow... My birthday on the 8th of September... What an amazing also special day that it was!!! The night before went out with a couple of friends for a couple of drinks which was good. As soon as it reached midnight they sang me "Happy Birthday" which meant a lot to me. Yes I was 40 years old at last after all these years... I was saying to my friends that I didn't even expect to make it to 25 years old. There was even a stage where I didn't think i would make it to 19 years old. So I am so blessed and lucky to be alive in a lot of different ways. They were really surprised to hear that yet were accepting of it. When I drove home at about 1:30am in the morning I was pondering for I knew I had to vote and have a really busy day. I got to bed and fell asleep which I needed to.

Next thing I knew the phone was ringing at about 7:45am in the morning and I answered it with a tired greeting saying 'Hello'. On the other end of the phone was my ex sounding very chirpy and nervous. This was not what I was expecting because my ex the year before broke it off with me for no apparent reason and then wanted to have no friendship with me which left me devastated. Then my ex sounded very happy and we were almost talking like nothing had happened... Next thing I knew my ex said "Have to go quick ajax!"
The 3 brothers and I
The phone went dead and I was hung up on all of a sudden. I was bewildered and stunned because of such an early morning wake up call. Before I could comprehend what was happening I got another 2 or 3 quick phone calls which didn't seem to make much sense because I realized that something could be wrong. Then that left me feeling sad and confused indeed. That one is a bit of a long story which I'll go into later. I had a busy day ahead so I packed my things up went and voted which I had to do then went up to my parents.

The corn fritters and salad my Mum made.
 When I got up to my Mum and Dad they gave me a couple of small presents which I liked. One was a small box which looked like a book that had the Eiffel Tower on it. My parents had to go to vote as well and we managed to find a park right outside the polling booth. Getting out of the car I was waiting for my Mum to get out I looked on the ground to find something... There was a $20 note just sitting there and I picked it up and showed a very surprised Mum. So that was a birthday present that I was not expecting to find that!
As soon as they voted we left to go to Ikea in Rhodes where my parents had to get something yet we were chasing time because my Dad had also planned to meet up with his brothers and their wives later on in the afternoon. When we got there I warned my Mum that it was a huge place with a one way 'traffic' where you had to walk around the whole place without turning around to get back out. With my Asperger's I am too blunt and honest sometimes and I didn't think to tell my Dad that in the car on the way over. So in short my Dad did not like setting of Ikea because he was in such a rush to get in and out. Finally we got to my Uncle's house in Pennant Hills which was a huge relief especially to my Dad. Walking into to the house I got a rendition of the song "Happy Birthday" from my uncles and aunts which I found was beautiful also such a greeting that I wasn't expecting.

The burnt fig ice cream & blood orange juice to die for.
We then had all of our greetings and then could relax, sit down to catch up. Being with the older generation was very special because I got to hear what it is like for them. It was so good to see Uncle John and Auntie Sue again after quite a while which meant a lot to me. Also for me to be the eldest grandchild reaching the grand old age of 40 was a huge experience also. I know that for my parents it was a big thing to catch up with them all again as well because they all lead busy lives. Yet I just felt very privileged for being able to be there and share in the experience as well. Uncle John brought up the fact that he met a young woman that day who was in the middle of reading or had read my book "My Life With Asperger's". She and he felt proud to know me or someone that knows me or related to me. My Uncle Brian called me aside and gave me a birthday card with a present inside which I wasn't expecting. I thanked both him and Auntie Dot very much for remembering my birthday. As my parents were about to leave I mad sure I got pictures of the 3 brothers as well as their wives separately. They all had to vote also before it got to late. We said our fond farewells as the sun was getting lower in the sky. On the way back to my parents in the car I felt a warm feeling of love in my body which was good.
The cute little bear I got from Ikea that day.

Also on the way home we dropped in at the shops where I helped Mum with the shopping and Dad had a short rest in the car. The rest of the night was a quiet night at my parents where my Mum mad a special treat of corn patties or fritters and an assorted salad. Also a desert treat of burnt fig ice cream with strawberries and the juice of blood oranges which was to die for. No my Mum didn't make the ice cream yet she bought it. Looking at my Facebook I found a lot of birthday wishes we I felt really humble about. It meant so much that all these people remembered my birthday as well and I felt so touched. I started replying to them all which took quite a while and would leave me busy for on and off for the next day or so. Midnight came and went as it does every night yet on this day it was the end of a very special birthday for me. But it was not quite over for me because the next night on the Sunday night was the family dinner with my brother and his girlfriend.

On the Sunday I went to church for the first time in ages and saw quite a few people I knew which was good. Then  a bit later in the afternoon I went home to get ready for the birthday dinner. It reminded me of a Chinese celebration with it being spread over a couple of days with all the birthday stuff. My parents picked me up where we met my brother and his girlfriend at Izumi Japanese Restaurant which I found on the Internet. It took Mum and I quite a while to find a place which was open on a Sunday night yet I was the one that found it.  It was excellent to see Cameron and Rachel again because I don't get to see them very much. Also with my brother I think he was very good for going to a Japanese restaurant because he doesn't like seafood. Cam and I have very different tastes because he likes everything chili Mexican hot and I don't like curries or hot food. When it's comes to his times I go to Mexican places for him yet that's because I love my brother.
A cute light shade with Cranes on it.

What I was hanging out for was my grilled eel which I love and rarely ever have. I hadn't had it for many many years and I could almost taste it. So when the waitress came we ordered some entree food to share and our main courses. It finally came to me and I excitedly ordered my eel. Only to discover that they had run out. My heart sank like nothing else and looked at my Mum's reaction which was her head down on her hands. She knew how much I was looking forward to this and really felt it with me. Meanwhile the order passed to Rachel and Cameron who ordered theirs then I found some Tempura and a plum wine to drink which looked really nice. My Dad also ordered the plum wine and the evening resumed to catching up with everyone. The food came out and it was so yummy then after that Cam, Rachel and I had green tea ice cream. Also Rachel got a couple of early birthday presents because her birthday is only a few days after mine which is nice.  The wonderful night eventually finished up with a photo that I have to get at the end of every family function. Yet before I could get another photo my camera memory was full but it didn't matter to me. I don't know about the rest of the family yet I had a very full little belly yet was just comfortable. All in all my birthday weekend was quiet and it meant a whole heap to me sharing it with people that I love and care for. Until next time...
Our shared entree's

My Tempura

Cam, Rachel and I

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering David 'Davey' Woodcock

 P.S. Sorry about using the same photo over in the blog yet I don't have any others on my computer.
Over the past two weeks or so it has been hard for both family and friends across Australia. In all of our lives so much has happened really quickly and it has been hard to comprehend a lot of it as well. On Facebook I have been making references like "My cousin's son...." just to let people know what was going on yet trying to keep private at the same time. I also do appreciate all the care and concern that my family and I have had on Facebook as well over the past couple of weeks as well.  In fact he had a very strong English sounding name which was David 'Davey' Woodcock. With his first name it had a lot of meaning because he was named after my very much loved Uncle David. The family just call him Uncle Dave and he is such an amazing guy. The name Woodcock is a good unique name as well which I like. I must admit I don't know the origin of it yet must find out.

At this moment my mobile phone has died and run out of battery charge so I unable to check the dates exactly. I also don't have my charger with me here yet that's okay. Okay I will try to do a reverse chronologically  of the past two weeks so please bear with me.... Last Friday was Davey's funeral/cremation/remembrance service. A week before on the Wednesday he lost his valiant and strong battle. On the Saturday morning a few days before I found out from my parents he was gravely ill and they only found out before on the Friday night. Also Davey got married on the Thursday or Friday of that week. When I get my phone charged I will add the proper dates in okay... Yet to put it simply it has taken less than two weeks for it to all unfold.

For me I have had a real big variety and mix of reactions to the news of Davey dying with one varying to a real extreme reaction to it. The person who I told basically didn't want to hear anything at of of the bad news I had just received went off and bought herself a beer and spoke to the bar staff for about five minutes just leaving me there. She then came back and wanted to talk about other less important things. I was devastated nearly in tears and she started talking to other people there so I just left quietly. With that was a loss of a friendship and also serious threats for my safety, car and unit which hasn't been nice at all. I've also had amazing impressive reactions from other family and friends as well as from people that don't know me that well. On Facebook and other friends around me they have all been totally supportive which has been fantastic. I do thank everyone for their concern for the whole family and I. With my Asperger's and ADD it has been up as well as very down at this time for me being so far away from Western Australia and the rest of my family. We all so much wanted to be over there yet couldn't go because of the expenses and it being a long way over to get there. Yet we were all over there in spirit and love.

I remember one of the last times I saw David was in Western Australia when I was there on my last holiday at one of the kids birthday parties. It was a spring day yet it decided to be very cold for me that time. I wasn't feeling very well yet I did take quite a few different photo's of the day and met quite a few few different people as well. It was still good to be around my family that day with my cousin Sue a very proud Grandmother doing things in the kitchen. It was good to talk to David and everyone else as well which I liked. One of the only regrets of that day was I wish I was feeling a whole lot better yet I can't change the past. Yet what I remember of David throughout my life was that he had an adventurous cheeky soul who liked a good laugh. I also remember when he gave me a lift to a bus station to go up to see my uncle Dave that we had a good catch up talk then as well. For whatever reason I wasn't feeling well that morning either yet it can't be helped. Anyway we were in the car for about one hour to an hour and a half talking and catching up which was excellent. I remember thinking that he had the most beautiful soft eyes and his gentle caring nature.  He still loved his cars and mechanical things like his father as well. Yet also very intelligent as well. Words aren't coming easily for me at the moment because I would have like to have seen him and my Western Australian family more. It feels like that all My life I have left my heart in WA although my body has been living in NSW and the "Eastern States" for years.  I've still got the Kalgoorlie red dirt in my veins and the winds of Esperance running through my hair... A true West Aussie even though I was born over here.

In Davey's last days none of the family over here including me couldn't go because of the reasons that I said above. Yet during those hardest day's I went up to my parents to be around them and share with them what was happening. I couldn't physically be there to say goodbye to Davey yet he did get all our wishes and love which was great. I was as close as I could be in spirit. Davey told my uncle Dave that when he died he wanted to come back as a Wedgetailed Eagle. For those of you that don't know that eagle is a typical Australian, West Aussie outback bird. It is also a very strong, powerful and amazing animal.

Last Friday when the final service was on my family over here and I found it hard. I've also been remembering at this time that it's just not me yet everyone else in the family going through this as well. That week I kept on wanting to jump on a plane to get over there in time for the funeral yet had not way of doing it. Acceptance has been hard for me on that respect yet that's life. One day I do plan to go back to WA visit my family and give them all very huge bear-hugs including his sister and say my own farewells  to this amazing young man called David 'Davey' Woodcock. May you rest in peace with your spirit living and flying on like a Wedge-tailed Eagle over the Australian landscape. You will always be loved and remembered.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fan

Oh my crumbs!! Wow!!! Just turned on then to see Australia win a gold medal in some kayak 4 team or K4 team at the Olympics over in London. Yay!!!!!!!...... We've got two gold medals in sailing events and Anna Meares won a gold medal in cycling which I watched the other night as well. I think I also saw Sally Pearson get gold as well yet didn't see the medal ceremony because I'd gone to sleep by this stage. Although I'm only just watching the channel 9 coverage of the Olympics it's still coming out of my ears. My brother has Foxtel and I think that has about 8 or 9 channels of it going all the time with the Olympics. He must have great self control because if I was there I would be hooked onto it big time. Even more so then I am now with  the Olympics. This time I find that with Channel 9's coverage it switches and chops from one event to another really quickly which can be quite confusing for me.

Yes I must say that I am a huge Olympics fan and I do love watching anything and everything involved with it. I've seen all sports like men's volleyball, women's volleyball, women's beach volleyball, men's and women's basketball, handball, sailing, kayaks, rowing, equestrian, heptathlon, cycling events, swimming events, diving events, synchronised swimming, running events, athletics, cycling road race, judo, Taekwondo, shot put, javelin, archery, trap shooting, women's half marathon?, hockey, soccer, weight lifting, high jump, white water events, BMX events,  gymnastic events, boxing, tennis, water polo, trampolining or trampoline and wrestling. There could be a few events I've seen yet can't remember but that's okay. Yet with this comprehensive list I've given it still is a lot I have seen. Well I figure that it only happens once in every four years and to get the feel of it and get into the spirit of the Olympics then you have to watch it. You have to support the athletes who worked so hard for so many years to actually get there. So sure it only happens for two weeks yet during those two weeks I am absolutely hooked to it. I find it so inspirational to see what these people can do in their fields. Secretly in the back of my head I which I was visiting London and England again because I haven't been there since I was a teenager. For me I get caught up each year watching the 'Tour De France' on SBS for about 3 or 4 weeks. I find it fascinating and also wishing that I was in France again seeing all the countryside that they are riding through. Also all the beautiful French food and it being summer over there as well. Yet it is one of my dreams to travel to those countries again one day and some day when I can afford it or win some money.

Here's a London Olympics link....

Sure it's fun staying up most of the night watching the Olympics is really good yet there are quite a few drawbacks as well I find. I find that with my Asperger's that I have to watch to the end of an event then when another event which is interesting comes on then I have to watch that as well. I have to know what happens and who wins what. Also if Australia wins anything as well with whatever they are doing. It's almost like a compulsion and I find myself going around in circles. Like I say to myself "Okay after this event I'm going to turn my TV off and go to sleep."
About 20 minutes later something comes on where an Australian is competing and I find myself saying something like "Oh my crumbs!!... I hope they win!!... I better watch it to see if they win or lose with this..."

Yes I know it's not much self control and I do have to do something about it. Because the next morning and day I'm not worth for much at all. Then with my ADD  it's hard because I find it so hard to get motivated or have any type of energy. I've let a few things slip and that has made me feel so bad because it's not normally like me. I've missed a couple of things which I would have liked to have done. Also I've been finding that my sleeping patterns are way out of whack also. I'm probably not the only one having these issues yet there is probably thousands and millions in the same position of me supporting friends or family members over the other side of the world with the games. I know that there are whole communities in Australia that have been up watching people from their town competing like the guys who won the sailing gold medal the other night. There they all are cheering them on like nothing else and then I saw it on the news last night. Well one thing is for sure that the Olympics DOES make the world stand still collectively and we are all united as one.... sitting there looking at our TV screens watching history literally get mad before our eyes in a lot of different ways.

May we remember how times have definitely changed since 40 years ago at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich with the tragedy of the Israel Olympic team that shook the whole world at the time that is happened. I wasn't even born at that time yet for some reason I've felt like that I've always had some type of affinity with those events. I've always felt drawn, close, interested in what happened and also seeing that documentary film called "One Day In September". I've also got the book that I'm still trying to read. What I'm trying to say is something like.... May we remember all those that were affected like the family members, friends, colleagues, fellow athletes, team, country and anyone involved in their lives. They did not die in vain yet because of them the Olympic security systems have changed. Also to remember these people on the 40 year anniversary that they are still loved by others out there and their achievements have not been forgotten. They were and still be forever Olympians and nobody can take away that glory or honour come what may!!
Munich Olympics link....

May the Olympic spirit always be remembered even 500 years in the future!! Adieu until my next blog...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Social Interaction Overload


Yesterday was a tumbler of many different emotions and feelings for me in a lot of different ways. The night before I had trouble sleeping and couldn't get to sleep until about 3am in the morning. Next thing I knew was that my mobile phone alarm clock was waking me up at 5:27am in the morning so I could watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Turning on the television in my room  I saw that the actual ceremony didn't start until nearly 6am which annoyed me a bit. Yet when  it did eventually come on I was absolutely transfixed and mesmerized for the next three to four hours. I laughed, cried, cheered and smiled all the way through it as well as getting few text messages from a friend of mine who was also watching it. So we were both early birds watching the dawn of this new Olympics starting before our eyes.

We then organised to meet each other down at Dee Why beach at 10:30am for a coffee  and a catch up which we hadn't done in a while. Without a chance on having a bit of a rest I drove down to the beach found a parking spot then met up with Petra a friend of mine. I was only expecting to be down there for about one or two hours then go back home to  do some washing. Yet as it happened after a Chai latte also water for me and two coffee's for Petra there were more things to do. A mutual friend of ours invited Petra to meet her at the local RSL club and Petra said it was okay for me to come... so we did go there. So anyway over the next couple to few hours we talked a lot about different things and I was starting to feel jet lagged because of lack of sleep. Jean and I also had some lunch quickly which was good. I find that when there is a lot of talking to people for a long period of time very tiring without a break for myself. I'd also made rough plans to stay the night at my parents. So I bidded adieu both to Jean and Petra got my cap from the reception  and walked to my car. I remembered thinking to myself that it would be funny if for some reason I had to go back upstairs to them. As soon as I hopped in the car I got a phone call from Andrew another mutual friend who was in two minds about coming down to the club. We talked and he said he'd call me back in the next five minutes or so. So as it happened I ended going back up there saying "Long time no see!......" to them both.

Their surprised faces said it all then I explained to them about Andrew could be coming down. Andrew called back and said that he was going to come down after all for a couple of hours. So about 5 to 5:30pm another mutual friend Amber came down to join us all then Andrew came not long after. Thoughts started for me to contact my parents and let them know what was happening to me. Calling Dad I said that I was running late and  tried to be there by about 8pm, if plans changed and I would let him or mum know by calling back. There were more drinks being bought yet I felt happy with the two midi's that I had over the past few hours because I knew I had to be driving later on. Sure it was good that more people came along and they say "The more the merrier!!" Yet for me it's a tad more stressful with me having Asperger's in more social interactions, talking, communicating, conveying your thoughts, asking right questions, trying to look at body language, different personalities, people having drinks, making different decisions, trying to think and work out things, keeping track of more people and where they are, trying which conversation to follow in such a big group, amongst a few other things I can't remember at this stage. With me feeling more and more jet lagged after having about two hours sleep also not having a break to myself for a bit was getting to me.

Anyway Jean left and Amber walked out with her so she could catch a taxi. Then we got word another mutual friend was coming down as well so it all was happening. At one stage for a few minutes I found myself trying to see where Amber had got to as well as Petra got to in two different parts of the club and also looking after Andrew as well. By this time my stress levels were getting quite high because I needed to ring my Mum yet I had run out of mobile phone credit and nearly all phone battery. I borrowed Andrew's phone called Mum let her know what was happening with a change of plans. Because I was getting more tired Mum thought I had a few drinks when I didn't and explained it to her. She understood and we made plans for me to come up the next night instead. After the phone call I had a huge sense of relief and felt more relaxed. About half an hour later I got the two groups back together where Betty also showed up as well. More talking ensued  for quite a while then Andrew ended up leaving a bit after 8:30pm to catch up with his Mum. By this time a lot more people were about because a Manly and Warriors rugby game was going to be on the television's there a bit later on. So the remainder of the group ended going to another part of the club in the smokers area on the seats there.

Throughout the rest of the night I had two glasses of sparkling wine an quite a few drinks of water. A few more people flitted in and out where we all were catching up with one or two people in the group. We all went inside listened to a bit of the band and saw Manly win the game by only a couple of points. More conversations flowed where I found it more confusing because of my tiredness getting worse. During the course of the night a few things were said which really made me think about a few things which I hadn't done in a while. Also with me driving I was thinking more about going home to my safe bed to rest and for some much needed quiet time after such a big day. We'd also been going backwards and forward between inside and outside seeing what was happening. I also had a bit of a dance with the band playing which felt so refreshing. At this stage the people had dwindled away to only three of us where I said adieu and left. Upon getting home I was so extremely happy to walk in the door where it enveloped me in it's quietness as well as peace. I got ready for bed then hopped in so I could watch the Olympics for a bit. Yet I found even though I was so exhausted that I couldn't relax because it was such a big day in so many ways. Turning of the television I found myself tossing and turning until about 4: 30am in the morning which was nearly 24 hours since I woke up. For me writing this the night after I am still totally exhausted. I have taken things in and slowly working out the whole day and night. Also that I have to be careful in the future with not to get to overloaded by social interaction. Sometimes it is such a fine line yet I still find myself learning new things. So I bid you adieu until my next blog post....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Royal Easter Show, Sydney

In April I went to the Easter Show in Sydney with friends of mine Darren and Jacquie. That day we saw a lot of different things including baby animals, different pavilion's, food and of course a few fun rides...  I also had 3 or 4 'Cheese-On-A-Sticks' which are my favorite things of the show. We went on my brothers birthday and that night Darren and I went to see a rugby game with Manly at Brookvale Oval. So it ended up being a busy yet good day. I'm including as many photo's of the day to try to capture the feeling of the day. Here they are...
Cute sheep

Very cute Alpacas

Have you ever seen a punk cow?

A statue of a cow and I

Two other cute kids - goats

I love the way this goat is just sitting and relaxing like this..Such character

Aww... A sleeping calf

A cute little kid goat

A pair of cute sleeping pigs...

Shetland Ponies - A baby and it's Mum

I love this black sheep....

A pair of cute sheep

A cute little duckling

Baby Ducklings

New baby chickens
A NEWLY hatched chick -so cute...

Cute little ducklings

Darren relaxing

The three of us -Darren, Me and Jacqui

A cappuccino

A self portrait on the Ferris wheel

The ferris wheel we all went on

Me at the haunted house ride

Jacqui and I

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cam's Birthday

Wow... At last I've remembered my blog password again... Or more-like I have had to reset it again. Over the past couple of months I've had a lot of things going on and have not had a chance to do any posts.... Yet now I aim to catch up chronologically quickly now on what's been going on...

Well April was my brother Cam's birthday where he came up with his girlfriend to meet up with my parents as well as myself for the afternoon. I arrived a bit later after lunch because I didn't realize that it was a birthday lunch. Doh about that... For his presents from my parents he got Mexican themed presents which he liked. He also got a book and another thing from me also. I'm including a few photo's and also a video of the  afternoon...
The resident cockies joining the party

Dad feeding "Poop" his special friend
My brothers 'bird' or girfriend

My brother's cactus's (hope it's right spelling...)

A few more of his presents

Some brownies or sweets my Mum made

My brother and I

A resident possum and her now big offspring still on Mum's back

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dad's Birthday!!

The Whole Gang- except my brother
Yay!!!! I didn't remember my password (For those who saw my post on Facebook)... yet reset it instead.... Now on with the blog...

In March a couple of day's before my Dad's Birthday we all that is my family decided to meet up at a cafe near the city. This included my special uncle Dave and his girlfriend Anne on holiday's from Western Australia, my brother and his girlfriend Rachel as well as my mum. The meeting place was a pancake or crepe cafe with as many different types that you could think of. We managed to get a seat for all six of us at a nice comfortable table. As soon as we ordered our coffees, chai latte and crepes they were no sooner out on the table much to our surprise. The crepe I was beautiful because it had a bit of condensed milk apple and cinnamon in it. Very, very sweet though!

My Crepe- with cinnamon on it.
My Dad was in his element talking to my brother about camera's, film and other technical stuff. Meanwhile my Mum was catching up with Rachel my brother's girlfriend talking about fashion, the cafe amongst other things. Uncle Dave and Anne were just seeing Cameron my brother again for the first time in many years gone by. They too were excited about being at the cafe trying crepes or pancakes for a main course. It was a funny atmosphere because not only of the food that there seemed to be cameras and photographs taken left right also centre. Yet the food and drink were having their pictures taken also. I must say that they were a lot quieter than the human subjects. For my Asperger's I get quite creative with pictures and like doing it. I like seeing different angles and looks of things. After the brunch we said goodbye to my brother and Rachel sadly. After that the rest of us - that is five in total managed to squeeze into my parent's car. Were were going to go to some food or cafe fair near there but my Mum got the directions mixed up. Or more like there were no real signs up for it and quite badly organised... Yet here's some pictures of the day....

My Uncle Dave and I

The Front Of The Cafe