Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soccer Madness Still....

The word cup is still on and Australia has been knocked out of the game. Also there are other sad losses for other countries who have been snuffed out also. So in the next couple of weeks the matches are becoming more important as to who will win the much sought after World Cup.

We've seen great nations rise to occaison while others have fought valiantly to the end seconds of the game. All the games have been individual in their own right and some have torn at the fans heartstrings like England goal which was deemed a non goal. Also other decisions which the umpires of the games have made in other circumstances.

Yet I'm sure that there are families, friends, workmates, partners that have still lost people to watching the games at all hours of the night and also day in some cases. Even I was really wrapped up in the games that Australia was playing. I found myself being awake at odd hours watching the games alone with a heater on in a really cold room. Secretly wishing I was snuggled up in bed keeping warm. Yet these damn games were getting my patriotic blood going. Go the Socceroo's!! May they win!!

I didn't see all of the last game that Australia played because i was asleep in bed. Yet i did watch the last 20 mins of the game which was lucky I thought. I was staying over somewhere and we awoke at 6am. Anyhow I thought Australia did really well and still managed to beat Serbia I think? ...Although Serbia did rally and score a goal or two. As soon as the game finished I turned the TV off even without hearing the commentator's speak. I went straight back to bed because I had to be fair on where I was staying.

So all that day until the news that night I thought Australia had won and was still in with a chance for the cup. It wasn't until we were watching the news that night I realized because of the confusing ways of counting up the points and so forth that Australia had actually lost at their chance for the cup. Even though they won by a point or two on the field that it wasn't enough to keep them in the game.

Anyway I still am interested in who is going to win the World Cup and I'm a bit sure that I might stay up and see one or two of the games. Because I still like soccer and the matches only happen every four years like the Olympics. So you might get another posting on who actually wins the Worlds Cup... You have to wait and see..... Farewell for now..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Reason's Why I Don't Like Asperger's

Hello there people! The other day I wrote what were five reason why I liked having Asperger's. Now it has come to the time to describe the reasons why I don't like it. Yet i figure in life there are things there is good and bad. It matters how we deal with the challenges that arise to meet us...It makes us who we are as people.
Here's the list:

Five Reason's Why I Don't Like Asperger's
  1. Because of having Asperger's some people May think that your really not that bright or intelligent.
  2. People because if they think that way can try to take advantage of you in many different ways.
  3. It is hard to get services that is just right for adults with Asperger's Syndrome. Sure there is plenty of services for kids which is so great to see. Yet hopefully as more adults come through then it will be easier. So there still is hope.
  4. When some people hear the words 'Autistic Spectrum' their eyes just glaze over a bit and have trouble working out where you are on it. I've had one lady ask at a talk say "How is your reading Love? Are you good at it?" To which my reply was something like "Yes It is good... That's why I decided to write a book"....or something like that.
  5. Sometimes it takes me so much longer than 'normal' people to work out what people are really saying or doing. I find it hard whether they are really for or against me and their real intentions are.
So there you have it. Five reason why I don't like Asperger's at all. Yet I suppose that you have to take the bad with the good. What ever the fact is that I am just me like everybody else and trying to live life the best I can! Remember I am no different than anybody else...Who knows one day you might meet somebody like me.....
Goodnight for now dear readers... Have a restful night..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer Madness Hits The World!

Beware everyone! Soccer madness has hit the world...Why you may ask? If you have heard The 2010 FIFA World Cup is on in South Africa for the next few weeks....
So I think there will be many thousands if not millions of people glued to television screens at random odd hours around the world. Supporting and cheering for there countries team, gathering in places where large TV screens are, some I've heard going to movie cinema's to see matches, driving around in cars with their flag proudly... As well as many other patriotic gestures.

Already today when I was driving around the streets of Sydney to meet a friend for a movie I saw socceroo flags, an England flag as well as a couple of others. It's been all over the news and there has been soccer and South African themed programmes for the past couple of weeks in Australia. It's past midnight here and I can hear the neighbours upstairs watching the same match I'm watching. I've just heard a whooppp and a cheer when one of them came close to scoring... The teams playing are Argentina and Nigeria.

For those wanting to see a live 3-d game at the's the link...

Doh!! I've been tring to put another picture on yet the uploader thing doesn't seem to be working at the moment. So tonight you won't have another picture up for you.
So what do you all think of the world cup? I'd like to hear from you and hear your thoughts...
Are you a soccer widow? Or have a son, brother, sister, mother, father or any other family member exposed to what is now commonly called 'football fever'? In the next few blogs I will reveal more of this mysterious yet fascinating issue as I study it more...
Goodnight...or goodmorning to all you reader's! Yet be aware for soccer balls at the moment...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Reason's Why I Like Asperger's

Hello there! I've been thinking lately what I do like about having Asperger's and what I don't like about having Aspergers Syndrome. It's something that I've thought about yet haven't put words to I don't think before.

Sure in my book I've basically said different things and how it has affected me through my life. Also how I've developed a few strategies to deal with the challenges that I've had to deal with. So today I'll share with you five reasons why I like having Asperger's . Here's the list:

Five Reasons Why I Like Asperger's

  1. I see life from a different perspective
  2. I tend to learn something different or new everyday.
  3. I find it a strength when dealing with certain issues.
  4. The diagnosis explains to me why I behave the way I do.
  5. I have found my voice through it to help spread more awareness about it.
I remember when I was first diagnosed at the age of 26 years old I found it hard to find positives about Asperger's. Also to move on as a person through the diagnosis and integrate it into everyday life. This may sound odd yet true because I had to come to terms with something which had remained a mystery for all my life. It was something which had caused me major pain and discomfort because I knew that I was different from other kids around me.

Yet with the diagnosis it opened up much needed explanations for my family and I. Since then we all have grown and learnt a lot yet are more understanding what actually Asperger's Syndrome actually is. As well how it affects me as a individual with it. I'm only talking about it from my view yet Asperger's can vary in different people for whatever reasons....some known and also unknown. That also explains why Aseperger's is explained as being on the 'broad spectrum' of Autism. I hope you find this helpful....Until next time....Farewell......

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday's RSL Talk & My Late Grandfather!

Wow! I can't believe that it's been a week since my last blog post. I've had a lot of different things happening and time has just flown by as does with life. I was also trying to prepare for a talk as well which I was feeling a bit nervous about. The talk was at 2pm at Epping RSL club in Sydney and the weather had been really rainy still which hasn't been good.

Anyway Tuesday came and the night before I hardly had any sleep which was not good. I woke up at about 3am and for the life of me could not get back to sleep. Tossing and turning like nothing else. Yet time was counting down for the talk so I was catching up with some work on the computer, got ready then I left. On the way halfway through the drive I noticed that my petrol gauge was on empty yet I kept on going because time was running away on me. Getting there I had to carry my box of books and a couple of bags upstairs. Luckily someone met me up there which was good and showed me where the room was. My Mum was running a bit late herself so it was a bit of a time of little drama's which for a person with Asperger's is most dicomforting. I only found out about five minutes before that they were having their own meeting for about 20 minutes.

So the meeting started and they remembered an old soldier who had died recently and we all stood up to say the remembrance oath? I think that is what it was called. Mum and I remembered my Grandfather who served in World War Two so thought should mention him at the beginning of my talk. Then my time came to talk....

I came up and gave my talk about my book yet it was a bit different. My lack of sleep was catching up with me and which felt weird. Yet I stuck in there finishing it. At the end they thanked me very warmly and also gave me a card. The people who were looking after Mum and I which was so nice and was truly appreciated. People were coming up and talking us which was great. So I sold and signed a few books for people who were inspired by my story.

That talk made me think about 'Max' my Grandfather who served in the war and was also a POW for three years of it. I was wondering what he had been through and wondering what it was like for him. Driving towards my partners house I was like a homing pigeon. Upon arrival I received a great big dose of affection which was needed and of course a nice cup of hot tea. We caught up with eachother and went for dinner at a local Chinese place we both like. After getting back from dinner we both had an early night because both of us were exhausted.

The next morning I was still tired yet that was expected with the big day before. As I left my sweeties house my mind turned to 'Max' so on the way home I went to the place where his ashes were, asked for a map and found them where they were resting. Feeling teary I sat down on the ground in front of his little niche. I had a tissue so I polished his little plaque and gave him a little flower. I hadn't visited him for years so I had a bit of catching up to do with the old guy. One thing he always said to me was "The world is your oyster!" which meant a lot to me.

He didn't say much this time yet I didn't expect him to. I told him about how I got the book published and other things I wanted to say as well. Also to touch his plaque with my hands felt so comforting because at last I could share with him how far I had come. Leaving there I was remembering my Grandfather and how much I loved him still. Yet at the same time I'm proud that his blood is running through my veins also. So dear 'Max' or Cyril my Grandfather I was a bit late for ANZAC day yet your forever in my heart!