Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Zealand Earthquakes

Since yesterday on the television there has been constant news on the earthquake that hit in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday. The only stories that have been on the news is the earthquake with "The rolling coverage" since that time. On just about every channel it has been on with prime-ministers and politicans sharing their concern.

One image that haunted me the most was seeing this young woman in black being helped by a couple of others. She had blood all over her face looking terrified and also in disbelief. Also the spire of the church which had fallen down because of the impact and people running everywhere not knowing what to do. My heart instantly went out to all these people and so did my prayers as well. I've been worried for my friends who have friends in NZ and hoping that they are okay. I will contact my friends tomorrow and see how they are going.

I have only been in one earthquake ever in my life and that was many years ago in Sydney. The epicentre was near Newcastle in NSW and it felt scary. My Dad and I were the only ones home with the whole house shaking around us. Dad was in the bathroom and I was in my room. As soon as the it started I instinctively stood under the door jam until it stopped. So that was the only experience with an earthquake I had ever had. yet the people in NZ I hear are quite used to them because of the fault line. So I have no idea what it is to live with tremors on a regular basis like those people over the channel or gulf like they say.

Whatever the case is with the rescue efforts over there at the moment my heart and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy which is unfolding every hour. So please remember those that are still missing and un-accounted for as well as everyone trying to find them. As well their family and friends. So tonight my heart is sad with my troubles yet also with the troubles of the aftershocks of this quake. So turn this all over to you Dear God! Give the needed wisdom and peace to everyone there....


  1. It is truly horrific, my thoughts and prayers are also with those in Christchurch.

  2. It's horrific, really thinking of our Kiwi cousins and everyone in and around Christchurch. xo