Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Today Dad!!!

Hey there friends!! Today is a super special day today in a few more ways then one. My Dad was born on this day many years ago which was way before my time. Or even he knew that he was going to be a father as well. Also letting you know that it wasn't my Dad's birthday to day yet it was his mothers birthday as well. His mother happened to be my Grandmother who kept her Scottish accent up until she died. So we used to celebrate both birthday's on that day up until a few years ago. Yet my Grandma is still remembered even though she has passed away.

Talking of my birthday's and my Grandma...she so much wanted a daughter after having a couple of boys. She even picked out a girls name for the baby to be. There won't be any prizes for those who guess right yet I'd like to hear what your guess's are... So please let me know....
Anyway as history tells a little baby boy was born to my Grandparents.

Many years have past where he had many and also experiences in his journey. He went to college where he met his wife who is now my Mum. A bit of time passed and they had two kids including me. No his life as a Dad has been interesting and hard also testing sometimes. That's been from me being his daughter I think having Asperger's. Yet my brother and I combined have given them both a few grey hairs.

I got a bit sidelined there yet the bottom line is he is the best Dad out. Sure over the years we have had our disagreements as father and daughter yet I still love him! For anyone who's read my book you can testify to that. So my Dad, my old young man, my father I wish you the best Happy Birthday out!! Love your only daughter....Megan... oxoxoxoxxooxox

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