Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Day Norway Cried... And The World Mourned With Her

On Sunday morning I awoke at my parents house and went upstairs to have breakfast. Getting up there I saw my Mum and she told me two bits of sad news. One being a massacre in Norway from a man who is a Christan farmer. he set of a bomb in Oslo and gunned down people at a youth camp on a island. The second bit of news was the troubled singer Amy Winehouse dying in her London house somehow. With hearing all this my heart sank and my stomach turned. I couldn't believe as to what I was hearing.

That day my parents and I were reeling from what happened in the world. With my having Asperger's I found myself thinking about it more and trying to work it out. After reading the article in The Sun Herald I was dumbfounded. I was on and off the computer all day looking up bits and pieces of both events.

Today my head is still everywhere and my heart as well as prayers goes out to the people of Norway. I didn't think I could write an ordinary blog-post yet do something completely different. I was inspired that I wanted to write a poem about it. Sure the poem doesn't rhyme or stuff like that yet it is just short points of facts I've observed and also been thinking. I haven't written a poem in quite a while yet I feel it is a tribute and most of all rememberance to those who lost their lives. This poem doesn't have answers or judging yet is simply saying how it is affecting me.
I hope you like it.... Here is the poem...

The Day Norway Cried..And the World Mourned With Her

On a quiet Friday afternoon

Oslo's peace is decimated
Metal, glass, people, blood everywhere
As confusion is now present
A few hours later...
A lone man in a police uniform
Wearing a false power of trust
Crosses to a small island (on a ferry)
His mission...
Only known to himself
Setting foot on the island
He changed the world's history
He brought death with him
Creating fear and havoc
Hunting down some of Norway's youth
Saying "You all must die!"
Two hours later 90 or so people are lost
Leaving many injured, wet, cold and bewildered
There are more questions than answers
People asking 'How?', 'Why?'
The news spreads around the world
Causing shock and disbelief
May we remember those who were lost
Also to everyone affected
Praying for justice and peace
This was the day that Norway cried...
And the world mourned with her.

At this time also may we remember that the power of love is greater than the darkness of evil. sure there is no real answers at the moment because it still too early. We will all have to wait and see what happens now not letting this man have a platform for his political ideas. His name and crimes will be recorded on the walls of infamy where justice will be done.
Norway you are in my heart and prayers....
Farewell until next time....

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