Saturday, September 7, 2013

Australia Votes Today...

An Aussie Citizen
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Australia goes to vote today over this wide vast brown southern land of ours. Where everyone over 18 had the right to vote and the right to say what they want about Australia's government. So between the hours of 8am to 6pm you have to go to your local voting booth if your in your area to vote. I rocked up to mine at 7:45am to discover a line of about 50 people ahead of me and the line about 27 metre's long. I wanted to try and avoid the crowds of people and look what I got?! Heaps of people... What was the worst was seeing a coffee van guy setting up and I wanting to get something yet couldn't leave because I didn't want to lose my spot in the queue. with my Asperger way I felt like asking the person behind me to mind my spot while I got something to drink.. Yet I didn't have the guts...

Another Aussie Citizen
Anyway about 20 minutes later at about 8:05am a lady came down the queue with fresh baked muffins for $2 each and I bought a mixed berry one. Then the coffee guy came about 1 minute later and I asked him if he did Chai Lattes to which he did so I got one.... He went and got my order ready coming back quicker then I thought because I had my hands full with a half eaten muffin, wallet and the rest of it. By this time about another 40 or so people joined the queue and I felt all eyes on me because I was the only one of these people who had bought something to eat and drink. I was scared that I was going to drop something and I'm sure I looked very awkward with both my hands full.

Election, election, election! Tonny Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Greens party, Labor party, Liberal party, votes, polls, campaigns, song-and-dance, TV, media, kissing babies, promises, ads, photo opportunities amongst all the other publicity etc.... on the way to this final voting day when Australia comes united together and decides the prime minister for the next term. Is it just me or is everyone else sick of all the election campaigns? Is everyone else sick of the media frenzy surrounding it as well? To be honest I was over it by the the first few days. I think with My Asperger's I get overwhelmed by too much information about elections... Yet thinking of countries that are controlled by dictatorships  and the like then I am lucky to be able to vote. Because there are countries out there who don't have the same freedoms of Australia.

Election Day Information.

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