Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Sydney Winter
Well winter has truly struck with a vengeance big time.  Especially over the past couple of days with the really bad cold front coming through to NSW. It's snowing up in the Snowy Mountains and feels like it could be snowing in other areas as well. Yet winter can also be a time of keeping warm with heaters, blankets, hot showers, warm food and snuggling. This winter is good for me because I've been snuggling with my loved one and have been loving it. We've been keeping warm on these very cold, long winter nights and it has been great.

Yet we have been getting colds and recovering from colds and the flu. That is one thing about winter and that is all the bugs that there are about.  I think last year I don't think I got sick at all and now this year I've been getting a lot of different things. It has been one after another, after another, after another which seems ongoing.... I hope that the immunity is building up because of all this as well as Deb's. We've been eating healthy yet we've also had a lot of different things going on and been really busy.

Sydney Winter
Sydney Winter
Sydney WinterWe have also had one hell of a busy weekend doing a whole lot of different things and going to different places. It seems to be a marathon of a weekend where we packed so much in that it wasn't funny. I remember on Sunday night feeling so tired and exhausted yet it was only the beginning of the week. On Friday last week I added up that Deb and I did at least between 15 to 20 things that day. Also we ate out or at least had something to eat for 3 times that day with the third time in the evening where our eye's were bigger then our stomach's... After getting back here it was revenge of the tummies or stomach's big time... Yet you live and learn. I will write about the past weekend on a blogpost soon and tell you what we did that was so busy... Even just thinking about it makes me tired because so far we've had a very busy week so far... It's also my Deb's birthday coming up on the 17th of July this coming Thursday.... Which happens to be the fact or day that my Dad is having his double knee replacement that very same day... If you think winter is meant to be a quiet time to relax and it is so tired... Then you've got another thing coming.... It can get big as my next blog post will attest... So see you soon... Another thing... Keep warm until then....

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