Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebration Of Caroline "Caz's" Birthday!

Happy Birthday Caroline!!!
"Happy birthday to you!...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Caz....etc......." (rest of the song).... My voice sang down to Caz who was on the other end of the phone to an amused smile more than likely on her face. A couple of day's ago on Monday the 30th August 2010 was Caz's or Caroline's birthday. She is my very best and most special friend that I have. She really does accept me for me and understands me and I do the same for her. For me having Asperger's I've found it hard to have friends relate to me and be there for me. With Caz we have a very important, special and unique connection which means so much to us both.

It is because of this connection that I decided to take her out for lunch on her birthday which was on Monday over where she lives. I managed to arrive on time with her presents under my arm and a smile on my face which she appreciated. The Birthday Girl chose where she wanted to have lunch and we went to a restaurant near the Parramatta river cat ferry terminal. We decided to sit outside and enjoy the day. The day was a warm day which felt like spring was on the way although it had a bit of wind to it.

After looking at the menu for a while we both ordered our food eagerly looking forward to seeing what it was like. The place we were at was called "Port" which was appropriate because it was near the ferry. A few times the sun went away yet it was so nice just to sit outside. I ordered a red wine and an appetiser of grilled baby octopus which came out first. And Caz didn't have a starter which was a prawn dish with seasonal vegetables. While I decided to just have a salad which was Roma tomato's, basil and boccocini which was beautiful. It felt like a feast and that I was spoiling Caz which she deserves.

Surprisingly after that food I still had room for more yet didn't want to push it. We looked at the dessert menu and saw so many nice foods yet we both decided only to have a chai tea latte to top it off. It was so great just to share some of her birthday with her. For that evening Caz was going over have dinner with her daughter and her own parents. So she had a pretty full day as well. I also let he know how much I appreciate her for who she is and how much she means to me. Having someone like Caz means so much to me because she accepts me unconditionally. I feel totally honoured to be her friend and I have learnt so much from her as a person. So my dear friend I wish you a Happy Birthday again!!!! Sending heaps of hugs to you.......

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