Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Belated Happy Mothers Day!!!

This is a little late...since last Sunday two or three days ago. It's a belated happy Mother's day to everyone out there!! I hope that you had a very special and magical day with your children. This year I couldn't see my Mum because I wasn't feeling well yet both my brother and I did call her to wish her a very nice day. She said that she just worked and had a quietish day. So wasn't that bothered that it was like 'an ordinary day' in her words.

Thinking about it that Mothers day can be every day making sure that your always thinking about and caring for your parents. My parents have supported me so much while I was writing my book "My Life With Asperger's". Not just one day a year yet to celebrate the people who literally made you. Don't try to think of the details yet what they have done in a lot of ways is totally amazing....
A mother has given up and sacrificed so much for her kids over her lifetime. Some things we may never know how much yet that is life.....

So in a sense Mothers day is a celebration of a giving birth, cherishing and nurturing of life!
All the mother out there are all very special and very much appreciated....Happy Mothers Day once again!!

Also to my own Mum.... I love you so much and a very big thankyou for always being there for me no matter what!! I really do appreciate it!!

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