Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day for the first Sunday of September Dad!
As a family we all decided to meet in Darlinghurst and have a brunch. So Dad, Mum,my brother Cam and his girlfriend Rachel all met up at the "Two Good Eggs" cafe.

The food was wonderful and the company was really good as well. It was special just having a family meal together celebrating Father's Day. We don't meet up all together that often yet when we do it is well worth it.

So Dad got spoilt with presents including jelly baby jelly beans which he adores. I also gave him a present which he liked as well. He was in his element and enjoying it.

So Happy Fathers Day again Dad!! I'm glad you like your day of celebration!!!

Below is sourdough, goats cheese, smashed walnuts with honey dish which is so beautiful and yummy. I was so full after the meal that it wasn't funny....

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