Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Birthday

The eighth of September was my birthday and it was an interesting birthday this year. I had no birthday dinner yet a longish type of grazing on food. It was quite a grey day in Sydney with a bit of rain and I caught a bus into the city with my parents. For the first part of it my parents had a couple of meetings so I occupied myself with a chai latte at world square.

After the meeting I met up with Mum where we caught a bus to Darling Harbour to the exhibition centre. It was "The Fine Food Fair - of Australia" that we were going to for the afternoon and see a lot of different things. That day I wasn't feeling that well and was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort even with the advils I took. Anyway at the fair we were to walk and look through five very big halls of different food, kitchen gadgets, a chef competition, food from different countries and I think also demonstrations or two. Mum was also doing a bit of work along the way which I didn't mind because it was interesting.

Anyway we started seeing different items and trying quite a bit of different food in quite quick succession. We only got up to the second hall I think where I had to much and felt quite queasy. So It was quite funny being around all this food with people offering it to you yet note being able to eat it. There was so much I wanted to try yet I just had to sit down on a lounge until I felt a tiny bit better while my Mum had to keep working. The rest of the time at the food fair I found hard yet was determined to catch the bus back home with my Mum because we make a good team.

We walked from Darling Harbour up to Town Hall where we managed to catch a quick bus. Upon sitting down we both felt happy just to be relaxed and being driven by the bus-driver. We discussed whether or not I come up and stay the night yet I didn't feel well enough to come up. So we said our 'Goodbyes' on the bus and I thanked Mum very much for a very nice day. I went home and heated up my heat-packs put them on myself then I rested for a while. I looked on my Facebook to discover about over 200 or so birthday wishes which deeply moved me nearly to tears. I kept scrolling down, down, down, down, down and down and it brought a huge smile to my face that people remembered me on my birthday. It tool me the next few days to reply to everyone on my Facebook yet I was determined to do it. I also got a few birthday phone-calls text messages and wishes from quite a lot of people as well which meant a lot to me. It filled my heart up with a lot of love and joy!! So thankyou everyone for all your wishes!!!!
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