Monday, October 31, 2011

Recovering From Being Sick

Over the last four weeks or so I've been really sick with a flu or cold. PLEASE NOTE: The photo's in this blog are trying to describe how shaky I was feeling. I couldn't find any photo's of me being sick.... There were days where I was blowing my nose every few minutes it seemed like and that my nose was getting sore. I also had a sore throat that with every swallow it was really hard so I bought some strepsils which did help for a few minutes. With the coughing it felt like I was doing it a lot and I was getting no peace from myself. Headache's, weakness and feeling bit feverish were another part of the fun......NOT!

So after trying to rest, be quiet, not see people for fear of infecting them for about two weeks my Asperger's was starting to annoy me and get on top of me. Sure I quite like my own company and do feel comfortable with it yet this was getting a bit to much. I wanted to do some more cleaning of my house and also go out places doing things and I was getting very lonely. I do like people and being around people even though I do get quite anxious with it yet that's normal for me.

I can't remember exactly what week it was yet I started getting really bad dizzy spells on a Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. It felt like that the room was spinning whenever I lay down or moved and it was the most horrible also scary feeling out. It was worse than the most drunk you've ever been times 30. Worse was to come with the nausea and being sick along with sore feeling ears. The writing group was going back after a few weeks back so I had to inform them that i couldn't make it because I was so sick. One of the ladies whom I emailed didn't seem to impressed with that yet I said that I was sorry.

The next day I went to the Doctor feeling like death warmed up and aching all over as well. My nausea was bad when I was waiting in the waiting room. So I had to use the surgeries toilets and empty my stomach contents which wasn't nice. I was worried that I couldn't last out my time in the waiting room.... yet I did. After 20 to 30 mins it was my turn to see the Doctor who examined me. He said I had a build up of fluid in my ears and I had quite a bit of mucous in my throat. I got prescribed some antibiotics and some Stemetil for the nausea instructing me to go home and rest. On the way back home I got the medicines from the chemist and as I walked in my door I felt like a zombie. So over the next week or so I slowly improved yet still wasn't back to full health. I also found that I had been quite depressed with being sick for this long also yet that maybe is normal. So at last I'm coming out of the woods which is good. I'm sorry for being quiet for this month of October yet now you know what was going on with me... I was under orders to get myself better!
Now you will hear more from me on my blog... Take care until next time.....

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