Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Well, well, well another Christmas and New year has been and gone so fast. My Christmas was a quiet one. I went up to my parents up on Christmas Eve had dinner then went to a Christmas light street display up in Newport. The whole street nearly had heaps of lights and was also packed with people for 200 to 500 metres or something like that. I took a few pictures with my mobile phone yet they turned out quite dark.

Christmas morning I woke up early and made it to the early morning church service. I got there on time and it was so packed. People were out on the landing bit sitting there also. I hadn't been to a morning Christmas service in years so it was very interesting. After the service I greeted a few people then rushed back up to my parents house who were well and truly awake by this time and sitting on the balcony. We had the traditional blueberry pancakes and icing sugar which was great.

The rest of the day was reasonably quiet yet we did have a big meal which filled all three of us up. My brother was away in America with his girlfriends family which was strange. He'd never been away for Christmas before and I found myself missing him. Mum, Dad and I opened presents ooohing and aahhing over them. We also had a very small dinner of leftovers after the big lunch of duck and other items...

Boxing Day was a quiet day with parents making overseas phone-calls to friends and I replied to quite a few text messages and emails. That afternoon we all went over to my uncle and aunts place to catch up with them. For me I hadn't seen them for about a year and a half so I was excited. The most extraordinary thing happened when we were there which was like synchronicity working. One by one my three other cousins with their new families came walking into the house within a space of an hour or so. That made my day because I hadn't seen them all in ages and I met two of the new kids or babies as well. We all had something to eat and drink catching up all the while. It was so amazing. It had made my day and I found it really, really special.

New Years was another quiet one with seeing the 9pm fireworks down at Dee why beach with some friends of mine. Then went back to their house to chat and watch the midnight fireworks on TV. We all left within the next two hours and I went home. Turned the TV and watched the "Can't Stop The Music" which had the Village People in it. Only having one drink that night I knew that I was not going to have a hangover and I went to bed feeling good about that. I also thought of my brother and his girlfriend who must be tired after coming back some time on New Years Eve.

New Years day or afternoon I went back to my parents for a belated Christmas celebration for my brother and his girlfriend. We had dinner on the balcony and spent most of the evening catching up, talking. Also nearly forgot opening our presents. It was so great to see them back safe and sound in Sydney. I ended up staying the night at my parents which was good. I'm sorry I can't really supply any pictures with this blog post yet my computers memory is running out. Which means i have to get one of those storage back-up thingo's. Yet I'll try to find one.... So you can say that I've already celebrated Christmas this year in 2012 on New Years Day. When it comes to 25th December it will be my second Christmas..... Strange but true....
So I hope everyone had a great, happy and safe Christmas also New Year!! It's a bit late yet I still remembered... See you in my next entry....

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