Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trip Down To Kiama

Buzzzzzzz.... Cracckkkllleeee....... Crackle..... It was my radio clock alarm waking me up at about 5:30am. Waking me up from my slumber which I wasn't too keen to do. On Wednesday a group of us from the writing group went down to Kiama to visit Faye. Faye was another lady who did the course with us all a few years ago and has since moved down to Kiama. It was a huge long day where I met three of the other ladies at the ferry terminal down in Manly at about 8am. From there we caught a ferry to Sydney then train to Central Station where we met up with Louise another member of the troupe. We then caught a train to the the last stop of Kiama which took nearly two hours. Seeing the scenery go past at a leisurely pace was amazing yet Agnes kept herself busy by playing a game on her Iphone for some of the time. It was such a beautiful, sunny warm day and could hear some birds at one of the train stops.
Finally after reaching Kiama we all looked up to the railing where we saw Faye's friendly face smiling back at us. Because there was five of us that day Faye drove us all in two trips to her house only a short while from there. Upon arriving at her house we were all greeted by her bouncy dog who was also so happy to see us and kept wanting to jump up on us all. Walking in I noticed that it was welcoming friendly house which was nice. In one of the back rooms there was food already see up there under some coverings. While Faye was picking up the others we went out to the garden which we saw was quite large and very green looking. As usual I took a few pictures yet can't show you any because they are still in my camera. I'm still working out storage on my computer.
After Faye came back there were cups of tea, coffee and drinks around for everyone. The travellers who included Agnes, Carole, Paula, Louise and I were ever so grateful for the refreshments. We all had a tour of the house and then decided to have lunch during which I decided to have a fall. I actually didn't decide to fall yet as I was walking to the kitchen from the outside I missed a step, tripped and twisted my ankle. I also hurt my side because it was such a heavy fall. It also scared me to death nearly yet I'm still here. Within seconds I had a few of the ladies around me checking to see if I was okay. We had a huge large where we were all very satisfied sitting out on the covered patio. Like lounge lizards just relaxing and talking about anything and everything.
Yet sadly the time came where it was getting a bit later in the afternoon and the train trip back was calling us. Faye did the same before with the two trips in the car and then we bade our fond farewells before our travels. Another two hours on the train, we got back to Sydney in the middle of peak hour which was strange. For me I'm not used to being around so many people yet I managed it. Louise left us at Central and I caught the train with the others where I got of at Wynyard. Walking up the stairs there was a bus already there which was good and I got on it. I wanted to try to make it home before 6:30pm because I wanted to see the Lindy Chamberlain interview on TV. On the bus it was weird not going home with the other ladies yet I did see a lot of them that day. Too my surprise the bus trip didn't take that long and I walked in the door at about 6:35pm just enough time to see all the Chamberlain news on both channels. So that day was filled with quite a few new experieinces like going on a ferry for the first time in many years. It was strange to see how much new work they have done on them and also the trains were a bit different. Yet most of all it was a very special day with some special people in my life who have really been there for me. They are almost like my Aunties yet adopted in a sense off course.
P.S. When My photo's are out of the camera I put them on the blog. Also I'm sorry I haven't done a post in a while because the reason being I forgot the password again..... Yet farewell until next time soon.....

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