Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dad's Birthday!!

The Whole Gang- except my brother
Yay!!!! I didn't remember my password (For those who saw my post on Facebook)... yet reset it instead.... Now on with the blog...

In March a couple of day's before my Dad's Birthday we all that is my family decided to meet up at a cafe near the city. This included my special uncle Dave and his girlfriend Anne on holiday's from Western Australia, my brother and his girlfriend Rachel as well as my mum. The meeting place was a pancake or crepe cafe with as many different types that you could think of. We managed to get a seat for all six of us at a nice comfortable table. As soon as we ordered our coffees, chai latte and crepes they were no sooner out on the table much to our surprise. The crepe I was beautiful because it had a bit of condensed milk apple and cinnamon in it. Very, very sweet though!

My Crepe- with cinnamon on it.
My Dad was in his element talking to my brother about camera's, film and other technical stuff. Meanwhile my Mum was catching up with Rachel my brother's girlfriend talking about fashion, the cafe amongst other things. Uncle Dave and Anne were just seeing Cameron my brother again for the first time in many years gone by. They too were excited about being at the cafe trying crepes or pancakes for a main course. It was a funny atmosphere because not only of the food that there seemed to be cameras and photographs taken left right also centre. Yet the food and drink were having their pictures taken also. I must say that they were a lot quieter than the human subjects. For my Asperger's I get quite creative with pictures and like doing it. I like seeing different angles and looks of things. After the brunch we said goodbye to my brother and Rachel sadly. After that the rest of us - that is five in total managed to squeeze into my parent's car. Were were going to go to some food or cafe fair near there but my Mum got the directions mixed up. Or more like there were no real signs up for it and quite badly organised... Yet here's some pictures of the day....

My Uncle Dave and I

The Front Of The Cafe

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