Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fan

Oh my crumbs!! Wow!!! Just turned on then to see Australia win a gold medal in some kayak 4 team or K4 team at the Olympics over in London. Yay!!!!!!!...... We've got two gold medals in sailing events and Anna Meares won a gold medal in cycling which I watched the other night as well. I think I also saw Sally Pearson get gold as well yet didn't see the medal ceremony because I'd gone to sleep by this stage. Although I'm only just watching the channel 9 coverage of the Olympics it's still coming out of my ears. My brother has Foxtel and I think that has about 8 or 9 channels of it going all the time with the Olympics. He must have great self control because if I was there I would be hooked onto it big time. Even more so then I am now with  the Olympics. This time I find that with Channel 9's coverage it switches and chops from one event to another really quickly which can be quite confusing for me.

Yes I must say that I am a huge Olympics fan and I do love watching anything and everything involved with it. I've seen all sports like men's volleyball, women's volleyball, women's beach volleyball, men's and women's basketball, handball, sailing, kayaks, rowing, equestrian, heptathlon, cycling events, swimming events, diving events, synchronised swimming, running events, athletics, cycling road race, judo, Taekwondo, shot put, javelin, archery, trap shooting, women's half marathon?, hockey, soccer, weight lifting, high jump, white water events, BMX events,  gymnastic events, boxing, tennis, water polo, trampolining or trampoline and wrestling. There could be a few events I've seen yet can't remember but that's okay. Yet with this comprehensive list I've given it still is a lot I have seen. Well I figure that it only happens once in every four years and to get the feel of it and get into the spirit of the Olympics then you have to watch it. You have to support the athletes who worked so hard for so many years to actually get there. So sure it only happens for two weeks yet during those two weeks I am absolutely hooked to it. I find it so inspirational to see what these people can do in their fields. Secretly in the back of my head I which I was visiting London and England again because I haven't been there since I was a teenager. For me I get caught up each year watching the 'Tour De France' on SBS for about 3 or 4 weeks. I find it fascinating and also wishing that I was in France again seeing all the countryside that they are riding through. Also all the beautiful French food and it being summer over there as well. Yet it is one of my dreams to travel to those countries again one day and some day when I can afford it or win some money.

Here's a London Olympics link....

Sure it's fun staying up most of the night watching the Olympics is really good yet there are quite a few drawbacks as well I find. I find that with my Asperger's that I have to watch to the end of an event then when another event which is interesting comes on then I have to watch that as well. I have to know what happens and who wins what. Also if Australia wins anything as well with whatever they are doing. It's almost like a compulsion and I find myself going around in circles. Like I say to myself "Okay after this event I'm going to turn my TV off and go to sleep."
About 20 minutes later something comes on where an Australian is competing and I find myself saying something like "Oh my crumbs!!... I hope they win!!... I better watch it to see if they win or lose with this..."

Yes I know it's not much self control and I do have to do something about it. Because the next morning and day I'm not worth for much at all. Then with my ADD  it's hard because I find it so hard to get motivated or have any type of energy. I've let a few things slip and that has made me feel so bad because it's not normally like me. I've missed a couple of things which I would have liked to have done. Also I've been finding that my sleeping patterns are way out of whack also. I'm probably not the only one having these issues yet there is probably thousands and millions in the same position of me supporting friends or family members over the other side of the world with the games. I know that there are whole communities in Australia that have been up watching people from their town competing like the guys who won the sailing gold medal the other night. There they all are cheering them on like nothing else and then I saw it on the news last night. Well one thing is for sure that the Olympics DOES make the world stand still collectively and we are all united as one.... sitting there looking at our TV screens watching history literally get mad before our eyes in a lot of different ways.

May we remember how times have definitely changed since 40 years ago at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich with the tragedy of the Israel Olympic team that shook the whole world at the time that is happened. I wasn't even born at that time yet for some reason I've felt like that I've always had some type of affinity with those events. I've always felt drawn, close, interested in what happened and also seeing that documentary film called "One Day In September". I've also got the book that I'm still trying to read. What I'm trying to say is something like.... May we remember all those that were affected like the family members, friends, colleagues, fellow athletes, team, country and anyone involved in their lives. They did not die in vain yet because of them the Olympic security systems have changed. Also to remember these people on the 40 year anniversary that they are still loved by others out there and their achievements have not been forgotten. They were and still be forever Olympians and nobody can take away that glory or honour come what may!!
Munich Olympics link....

May the Olympic spirit always be remembered even 500 years in the future!! Adieu until my next blog...

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