Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering David 'Davey' Woodcock

 P.S. Sorry about using the same photo over in the blog yet I don't have any others on my computer.
Over the past two weeks or so it has been hard for both family and friends across Australia. In all of our lives so much has happened really quickly and it has been hard to comprehend a lot of it as well. On Facebook I have been making references like "My cousin's son...." just to let people know what was going on yet trying to keep private at the same time. I also do appreciate all the care and concern that my family and I have had on Facebook as well over the past couple of weeks as well.  In fact he had a very strong English sounding name which was David 'Davey' Woodcock. With his first name it had a lot of meaning because he was named after my very much loved Uncle David. The family just call him Uncle Dave and he is such an amazing guy. The name Woodcock is a good unique name as well which I like. I must admit I don't know the origin of it yet must find out.

At this moment my mobile phone has died and run out of battery charge so I unable to check the dates exactly. I also don't have my charger with me here yet that's okay. Okay I will try to do a reverse chronologically  of the past two weeks so please bear with me.... Last Friday was Davey's funeral/cremation/remembrance service. A week before on the Wednesday he lost his valiant and strong battle. On the Saturday morning a few days before I found out from my parents he was gravely ill and they only found out before on the Friday night. Also Davey got married on the Thursday or Friday of that week. When I get my phone charged I will add the proper dates in okay... Yet to put it simply it has taken less than two weeks for it to all unfold.

For me I have had a real big variety and mix of reactions to the news of Davey dying with one varying to a real extreme reaction to it. The person who I told basically didn't want to hear anything at of of the bad news I had just received went off and bought herself a beer and spoke to the bar staff for about five minutes just leaving me there. She then came back and wanted to talk about other less important things. I was devastated nearly in tears and she started talking to other people there so I just left quietly. With that was a loss of a friendship and also serious threats for my safety, car and unit which hasn't been nice at all. I've also had amazing impressive reactions from other family and friends as well as from people that don't know me that well. On Facebook and other friends around me they have all been totally supportive which has been fantastic. I do thank everyone for their concern for the whole family and I. With my Asperger's and ADD it has been up as well as very down at this time for me being so far away from Western Australia and the rest of my family. We all so much wanted to be over there yet couldn't go because of the expenses and it being a long way over to get there. Yet we were all over there in spirit and love.

I remember one of the last times I saw David was in Western Australia when I was there on my last holiday at one of the kids birthday parties. It was a spring day yet it decided to be very cold for me that time. I wasn't feeling very well yet I did take quite a few different photo's of the day and met quite a few few different people as well. It was still good to be around my family that day with my cousin Sue a very proud Grandmother doing things in the kitchen. It was good to talk to David and everyone else as well which I liked. One of the only regrets of that day was I wish I was feeling a whole lot better yet I can't change the past. Yet what I remember of David throughout my life was that he had an adventurous cheeky soul who liked a good laugh. I also remember when he gave me a lift to a bus station to go up to see my uncle Dave that we had a good catch up talk then as well. For whatever reason I wasn't feeling well that morning either yet it can't be helped. Anyway we were in the car for about one hour to an hour and a half talking and catching up which was excellent. I remember thinking that he had the most beautiful soft eyes and his gentle caring nature.  He still loved his cars and mechanical things like his father as well. Yet also very intelligent as well. Words aren't coming easily for me at the moment because I would have like to have seen him and my Western Australian family more. It feels like that all My life I have left my heart in WA although my body has been living in NSW and the "Eastern States" for years.  I've still got the Kalgoorlie red dirt in my veins and the winds of Esperance running through my hair... A true West Aussie even though I was born over here.

In Davey's last days none of the family over here including me couldn't go because of the reasons that I said above. Yet during those hardest day's I went up to my parents to be around them and share with them what was happening. I couldn't physically be there to say goodbye to Davey yet he did get all our wishes and love which was great. I was as close as I could be in spirit. Davey told my uncle Dave that when he died he wanted to come back as a Wedgetailed Eagle. For those of you that don't know that eagle is a typical Australian, West Aussie outback bird. It is also a very strong, powerful and amazing animal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedge-tailed_Eagle

Last Friday when the final service was on my family over here and I found it hard. I've also been remembering at this time that it's just not me yet everyone else in the family going through this as well. That week I kept on wanting to jump on a plane to get over there in time for the funeral yet had not way of doing it. Acceptance has been hard for me on that respect yet that's life. One day I do plan to go back to WA visit my family and give them all very huge bear-hugs including his sister and say my own farewells  to this amazing young man called David 'Davey' Woodcock. May you rest in peace with your spirit living and flying on like a Wedge-tailed Eagle over the Australian landscape. You will always be loved and remembered.....

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  1. Thinking of you during this time, even though I don't know you. Sounds like that person who walked off when you needed to talk, wasn't comfortable with talking about death, but still rather insensitive! Lots of loss happening at the moment in your life can't be easy, as you mention the "loss of a friendship and also serious threats for my safety, car and unit".
    Sometimes it seems like a series of challenging events happen all at once, which I know is difficult to dealt with and there aren't always any easy answers. (We've faced some challenging circumstances in our lives just lately too.) But I pray that you will stay safe and have God's peace in your life, amidst this time of grieving.