Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Australia Day Weekend

The Australia Day Long Weekend was one hell of a verrrrrryyyyyyy long and tiring weekend which started catching up with two different set of friends both on the Friday night. I didn't get home until about 1:40am and then was getting distracted with computer and internet for the rest of the night. I also uploaded heaps of pictures from my camera to my computer which I really needed to do.

Photo thanks to Darren.
Early Saturday morning at about 9am I had to meet people down at Berry Reserve down in Narrabeen for 'The Big Breakfast' down there. As it turns out I wasn't the only one running late and other people were also say that was interesting to see what happened there... Luckily we all had mobile phones to contact one another not like ten years ago when they weren't really around.... Of course I brought my camera down and was taking heaps of photos just to capture the day around about us which I like doing. A few plans fell apart where a couple or few of us could take surfing lessons yet something happened to the instructor. So it was decided we go to a pub in Collaroy overlooking the beach which we did.... I only had one beer because I was driving and I was meeting a friend of mine in the city for Symphony in the Domain later on. Sitting outside was quite windy even with the umbrella mainly still covering us. Something strange happened because a guy turned up who I hadn't seen in about 6 months came up and we recognised each other so he joined the group. It was also getting to around about the time when I had to leave to start getting ready for that night. The group decided to go next door to the Collaroy Beach Club for a bit so I texted my friend and told them what was happening and  unexpected things were happening. A text came back saying that plans had changed on their end and they were at some party called the Cruise Bar or something.

With my Asperger's I was really feeling the tiredness came on and notice I got quite a bit sunburnt even being in the shade most of the time.  This group wanted me to keep hanging yet I had to be strong and say I had to leave because I still had my mind set on the symphony yet first meeting my new friend at Circular Quay. On the way back to my house I worked out that there was no time to bus or ferry it in which wasn't good because that meant parking was going to be expensive which I didn't need. As soon as I got I home I got changed quickly, had a small something to eat then left really quickly. Drove into the city and just near Wynyard I got a huge big branch stuck under my car which was bad because there were cars behind me. I put on my hazard lights got out and carefully dragged the big branch out, got in and then drove to the parking centre. It was so laughable because I had to drive about 8 levels underground to get a cat spot with it also being about $20 flat rate.

I took this a couple of years ago.
I legged it down near the Four Seasons Hotel and gave my friend a call to meet me because I had no idea where this silly place was. I had visions of my friend just standing at this bar waiting for me alone.  Also with my Asperger's I was really anxious because there were heaps of people around and I was really outside my comfort zone being there plus I didn't know this new person that well. So it was a situation which I didn't like that much. Anyway I was waiting so nervously for about 10 to 15 minutes and when I saw my friend I felt so relieved and gave a quick hug. So to confirm that we were still going to the symphony in the domain I asked that were were still going. The answer came back saying no didn't really feel like sitting down for a few hours listening to music from Stanley Kubrick's films. My heart fell and I felt so stupid for all the effort I had put into getting there the city. Then My friend said how about we go to the dance party thing instead. I asked how much it was found out it was about $40 to $45 for only a few hours which was very expensive for me. Anyway I agreed drew some money out then we walked up to where it was. It was so strange because the Cruise Bar was at the International Terminal where I was going to pick my parents up from early the next morning from their cruise. I started to have a really uncomfortable feeling because I was so tired after being around people all day and wanted a relaxing night listening to music. When I was paying to get in my friend didn't wait and said she was going in anyway. I was left there feeling confused because I had no idea where to find her in such a big place. After a few minutes I found that she was talking to another friend of hers who she obviously came or met up with. At this point I was way overtired and was completely peopled out, as well as feeling quite teary.  To put it quickly and simply I stayed nearly until it finished. I safely walked alone to my car even when I was freaking out because my friend didn't want to walk to the car with me for safety yet decided to do something with her other friend instead. My this time my whole back, neck, shoulders and legs were in so much pain because of  the tension I was feeling after the day.

Next morning I got a phone call from my Mum at about 6:30am saying that they were back home and I could pick them up. Going out to the car it was raining a lot which was so different from the day before where it was so hot and sunny. There wasn't that many cars driving into the city at the time in the morning and it felt like de ja vu as well with being there the night before. When I picked my parents up it was so good to see them because they were away for about 2 weeks. It was really good catching up with them on the way back home... They dropped me off at home and I had quite a quiet day and had a really sore throat. As it turned out I did get a coldy flu type of thing which took me about 3 or 4 weeks to get totally over it. Then my brother a few weeks after Australia Day was playing with my camera or looking at it. I asked him not to touch anything yet he did and he deleted about 250 to 300 images from that weekend and afterwards a few weeks. So I was not a happy camper yet it was a huge weekend with so many things happening... Sometimes we all have things happen in life that are interesting... Sorry the blog was so long yet so much happened. Sorry about no pictures also yet I'm looking into trying to get them fixed or something.... Until next time.....Hope you have fun....

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