Sunday, July 14, 2013


The Sign To Find It.
Some time in May I want to a voluntary work expo at Dee why RSL. I had a quick look around by myself then rang Pam a friend of mine from bible study to come have a look with me. Looking around the room was very interesting because it almost had anything and everything on the Northern Beaches you could help out in.

It looked like the expo had a good gathering because there were people milling about everywhere looking at a whole lot of different things. From looking after animals you could help take care off or visit old people, to gardening, art and craft, helping with driving, computers and a whole lot of other things also. Almost anything you can think off.

Part Of The Expo... (Sorry it's a bit blurry.)
Pam and I were there for about an hour or so and by the time we finished looking we were both exhausted. We went downstairs to the cafe and had a cup of chai for me yet coffee for her. It was such an amazing day just to see how one could help out in the community. It certainly did make me think about the importance of voluntary work. There are a couple of things in the pipeline yet I don't want to jinx myself. So I have found the start of something I feel which is good... See what happens as they say...

A Little Penguin Statue For The Wildlife Carer's

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