Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Computer... At Last!

At last I've got a brand new computer which I've been slowly saving up for. After much discussion with my parents I was out with them last month and got one. The reason being is my old computer which I think I got in August 2009 or 2010 had ran out of memory. That was because of my big Itunes library and also photos which were somehow locked into my Iphoto gallery. Yes I did put as much of it as I could on to back-ups and the like yet it wasn't working anymore which was so annoying.

That was a big reason why I couldn't blog very much over the past few to 6 months because I had trouble putting more photo's on the computer so I could put on my blog. Now the problem is solved and you will see more blogs from me from now on.... So a big YAY......

I'm still getting used to the new computer big time because it is quite different from the last one. I've been finding that sometimes the littlest differences are the most annoying with my Asperger's. I find it hard adjusting to new changes and everything that's different. It feels so good because it's got loads more space which I'm now being very careful with. Here's a couple of photo's of my new computer for you....

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