Saturday, April 19, 2014

APR 11 Blueprint - Unique Perspectives

A little over a week ago on Friday night was a very big night for 16 artists and myself. The occasion was the opening gala night  of Blueprint - Unique Perspectives   

The venue was at Gallery Red in Glebe which is a small yet well known gallery displaying all out works of writing and photography over a 6 week photography or writing course (Whatever group we were in). With a mentor for the photography and a mentor for the writers. I chose to be in the photography group because as most of you know I've written my book and had it published as well as released.. Yet with the 6 week part time course was really intense because our project was to take a photo a day for 6 weeks then choose the best of the 6 weeks to put in the exhibition. The course was run through ASPECT

To cut a long story short that Friday night was the first time that all of us had ever seen all our works together as one. I felt so very honoured to be part of this totally amazing group of people all on the Autism / Asperger's Spectrum. Not only have we achieved and overcome great obstacles in all our lives yet through the course we were each discovering our true creative potential I a very safe and supportive environment. Sure it wasn't an easy time for most of us including me because we all had our different battles to face... Even in the week leading up to the exhibition I and a couple of other people weren't sure whether we'd make it for the opening... Yet by hook or by crook I think all of did manage to turn up to the gallery that night... Each in their own way.

So here are the details of the exhibition...

The exhibition goes  from 11 April until the 29 April 2014.

Gallery Red is a commercial, contemporary gallery located in the heart of Glebe, showcasing emerging and established artists.
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturdays: 10am-4pm
Sundays: Closed
This is also the address.. 
Gallery RedShop 11, 131-145, Glebe Point Road, Glebe, New South Wales 2037

Website and Facebook page...

It was a night of so many different surprises including myself... That night a person I had invited and I hadn't seen them in 20 odd years came. I was not expecting they'd come yet they accepted which was nice. Also it was so great to see my brother and fiance there as well.. The night came off without a hitch I must say due to everyone hard work involved in it.... 

You also have the opportunity  to buy any artworks to take home from most of the artists that are displaying. So you can take home a little keepsake or memento for yourself to have forever... Also it will be a great way to get Autism and Asperger's out there to the wider community Just by supporting this... Because out of one stone thrown into a lake it causes heaps of ripples to expand forth bringing a new and different wave on outlooks.. So come on down to Gallery Red to see the Blueprint Exhibition before it's too late and it's gone forever.... Believe me when I say you won't be disappointed...

Here's also a few pictures of the night I took... Sorry about the quality of some of them... It was quite difficult lighting...

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