Thursday, May 22, 2014

Royal Easter Show

This may be a bit late yet I've just uploaded all my pictures from my camera so expect quite a few blog posts in the near future....

The Lovely Ladies
Good Friday this year at The Royal Easter Show was a bit of a nightmare if you wanted a quietish day out. To be honest it was anything but because we had some special real life Royal family visitors called Prince William and his beautiful wife Catherine AKA Kate. I was fortunate enough to go with a friend of mine and another friend of hers. I was the one who ended up driving to the train station to pick up her friend then drive to the show. Now once we got there... Do you think we could find a park?! No we couldn't. It was like a magical mystery tour where we went down a couple of dead ends and did a circuit or two of the whole road length of the show grounds. However we did manage to find a park then caught a bus to the gates...

A Cheeky Selfie
Walked in the gates where about  5 to 10 minutes in we were confronted with a barricade of some sort and heaps of people just standing there kind of waiting. We had no choice yet to stop as well. Yet we found ourselves near one of those little petrol railway circuits where we leant against the barrier. I took a lot of photo's on my mobile phone which I haven't uploaded yet. I contacted my other friend who we all was going to meet up with yet she was stuck with the crowds in from of this media type of scrum thing... Fast forward about one hour to one hour and forty minutes we just had to stand there... The most I got to see of the Royals was someones head and I'd accepted the fact that there was no way to see them... Then another half hour or so all the barricades were packed up and put away.. Now to find my friend which was another hassle... In a space or area of 100 or so metres or so... with many hundreds of people... it took about 15 minutes and heaps of texts to find each-other...

I think well after mid day and morning tea time everything started coming together really slowly. All of us united at last we went to near the food hall where I promptly had 2 Cheese-on-a-sticks which I had been hanging out for all year... We all also had a coffee, chai or hot beverage as well which was much needed. Then we went into the food hall to start looking at the show at last....

After the food hall I accompanied a friend of mine to get show bags for her parents which she needed to do. Going into the Showbag pavilion was so claustrophobic  because everyone was packed in like a bunch of Sardines... Even getting into the place was a nightmare... We were both not too happy about that.. So after getting the bags my friend decided to go home which was understandable... I went to the meeting point where the other 2 were supposed to be yet couldn't find them at this food venue... I managed to find a seat and text them.. Yet just after I did that I only saw them about 10 to 15 metres away at another table...Lol.. So I went to them and told them what had happened. It was very funny indeed.

Amina and I
The rest of the day consisted of looking at different things and seeing Masterchef's Amina El Shafe do a food cooking demonstration which was good because we had a comfy seat which us 3 needed. The tasting of the food was nice as well...

At this time the sunshine faded into a nice quite warm evening where it seemed we wouldn't see it to see the fireworks or stuff like that. As well all day I wasn't feeling the best and had to have some painkillers to keep pain at bay. I also didn't get much sleep the night before so I was exhausted. We ended up doing things in reverse catching bus back to parking spot, driving friends friend to railway station then driving my other friend home. I was offered a cup of tea which I so greatly needed and she heated up my heat pack which I needed. I swear I was so tired that I felt like falling asleep then and there on the lounge. She offered I could stay the night yet I declined for some reason.. Looking back on it now I should have stayed over and caught up on my sleep... lol...

I drove home and got home safely which felt so good. Yet what a day at the show where we were all so close rubbing shoulders and breathing the same air as the Royals.. What a day to remember hey in more ways then one... I hope you all had a Happy and Safe Easter... God bless..

Amina's food

Amina and the mc


  1. Hi, my son got diagnosed 7-years ago. I've read a lot of books that time and came across your book. I haven't read 5-pages, before I realised that I have a good chance of having aspergers, suddenly, it was like a lights witch had gone on, and I could put a lot of stuff, that has happened with me into perception. My wife and I have split up, about 3-months ago.(my relations never lasted anyway). With the free time on my hands, I've done a couple of online tests, most of them give me a score of 80%, or more to have aspergers. I did one test of 150 questions, my aspire score was 181/200 and my NT score 31/200. I've seen my doc to refer me for a proper asesement and am still waiting. I may not be as affected as you(Megan), but, if it weren't for your book, I'd still be wondering about all the things that has happened to me, now and previously in my life. Thanks

  2. Hello Alfred,
    Wow... Sounds like you've had a lot going on for you and I'm glad that you read my book. It is there to help people out and also let them know that they are not alone. Also Thankyou for reading it and getting back to me... I really do appreciate it a lot. It is always nice to hear back from people.... I hope that the Doctor and proper assessment goes well for you. It's always good to know things instead of wondering. Take care of yourself..