Saturday, June 14, 2014

A First Dates ~ Part One

The Rotunda

Picture I took of Dog statue
Deb's meal
Wow. The past month or so has been totally amazing with a lot of different things have been happening. I was emailing someone online who I liked and we seemed very similar with interests and most importantly beliefs. Being a Christian as well was something which I was very happy about to find. So after emailing and talking for a bit that way which was great I was then asked out to meet at Balmoral for breakfast one Friday morning. To which of course I said "Yes. I would love to!"
My meal

The Friday morning soon came up and I was feeling really nervous because I had not been on a first date in about 5 to 7 years which is a very long time. So I prayed for me, the safe journey there and also for my date about getting there. I was a bit early which was good and it took me about 5 minutes to try to work out how to pay the parking metres..  I walked up to the rotunda and saw no-one there so I thought I was the first one there and was going to sit down. Yet I saw a statue of a little dog I liked and went over to take a picture of it to which I saw someone sitting on the steps of the rotunda which was on the opposite side where I was going to sit. I took a picture and realized that there was my date where we introduced ourselves to each other in person. At this time I felt a mixture of great excitement and also nerves about not really knowing what to do or say at last. I was also so surprised to see that we were almost the same height because I'm normally the tall one. My date's name was Debbie and she seemed a bit nervous as well. So we found a cafe to have something to eat and drink which was good.

From then on sitting in front of each other both our lives changed forever where we talked and got along really well. Also we are similar in a lot of different ways which was great. Over the next 2 hours or so we both found it easy to talk and it also went so fast. We also had a bit of a wander down the front path near the beach which was so nice because it was a really warm autumn day. There were quite a few people about doing there thing yet it was such a beautiful place to meet for the first time face to face. Deb had to go to work and wanted to stay longer to talk so we gave each other a hug I think and said "Goodbye" for now. She also invited me to go to VIVID with her and a few of her friends the next night on Saturday night after she worked which was nice of her...

As I was walking up back to my car my Mum gave me a call on my mobile phone which was cool... I told her that we went on a date and how we met. I think my Mum was quite surprised to hear that and also she had a Christian faith also... We spoke for a couple of minutes and Mum was interested in what happened..

As I walked up to the car I felt really happy, relieved and peaceful which was great... I saw a Bird Of Paradise flower and decided to take a picture of it which I liked. I knew the next day was going to be a big day with possibly a lot of things going on..

So after a big day on the Saturday I did meet up with Deb's and going to the city to see VIVID which I had never seen before... Also meeting a few new people as well... Yet that is the next blog post to come up with more pictures....

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