Saturday, April 24, 2010

Feather, Fur And Father Alert

Hello there!
Over the past 24 hours since my last post I had a lot of different encounters with feathered friends, new small furry ones and a walk on a beautiful beach with my parents at sunset.

I've also taken a whole lot of different photo's as well playing with my camera which I still learning about. Yet one little creature that I missed out taking a picture of was the Bandicoot last night because it was so quick and also shy.

Over the last day it has been amazing staying at my parents house and just being around all this nature. Sure I've still been doing computer things yet it has still been relaxing.

Today my Mum went out on a woman's day for herself and Dad was going to do some man work outside with potentially dangerous equipment. So she advised me to stay to make sure that nothing happened to my dear father. I didn't mind and made sure that he was okay and still alive with no frizzed hair from electrocuting himself.

So My feather, fur and father alert has all been completed with everyone safe and sound!

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