Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Proud Dad

Hello there everyone! I thought I'd share with you a picture if my very proud Dad with my book.
It was taken at Sydney International Airport's new terminal or new part which was opened not long ago.

So those of you who are travelling overseas can pick up my book from the international airport no less. You can use it as reading material for your flight. Or better still you can buy it as an Aussie present for your friends overseas.

That way you can say that you are well read and my book is well travelled spreading awareness over the miles and kilometres. Also that my book has been overseas more recently than I

Yet I do hope to travel overseas and talk about my book. Also to help people understand what it is like to live as an adult with Asperger's and succeed in life. I want to give inspiration to others like me who have Asperger's also. I've been given and found my voice and thus would like others to find their voices also.

Together we can succeed and get our stories out there to be noticed and shared! Through being noticed we can gain better knowledge and understanding by those people around us. We can educate these people and also make a difference in their lives also. That way Asperger's doesn't have to be a mystery to people yet they know we are all unique individuals who can make a difference on society.

There you have some food for thought...We can all make a difference!!!

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