Sunday, April 10, 2011

Say "Cheese!!!"

For the past eight weeks I've been doing a part~time digital photography course which has been held on Saturdays. It was being run through TAFE for three hours each week between the times of 9:30am to12:30pm. We finished today and I'm so proud of myself for completing it and only missing one lesson. I'll be showing more photos in the future for you... So here is a few examples of the work I've taken over the past weeks.


  1. Photography was a major focus for me for years. You'll love it once some of the things you have to concentrate on now become more natural. You start looking at things differently. I also found it a useful thing if I went to parties, it gives you a polite opportunity to step back from people and gather your thoughts. It's funny though, my favourite photos I've taken don't have people in them but they always have some evidence of people. A landscape with a road, a thunderstorm silhouetting a phone tower.
    You can sit there for hours with a flower in a vase on a table. It absorbs enough of my attention to let some parts of me relax, its like a sort of meditiation.