Thursday, July 19, 2012

Royal Easter Show, Sydney

In April I went to the Easter Show in Sydney with friends of mine Darren and Jacquie. That day we saw a lot of different things including baby animals, different pavilion's, food and of course a few fun rides...  I also had 3 or 4 'Cheese-On-A-Sticks' which are my favorite things of the show. We went on my brothers birthday and that night Darren and I went to see a rugby game with Manly at Brookvale Oval. So it ended up being a busy yet good day. I'm including as many photo's of the day to try to capture the feeling of the day. Here they are...
Cute sheep

Very cute Alpacas

Have you ever seen a punk cow?

A statue of a cow and I

Two other cute kids - goats

I love the way this goat is just sitting and relaxing like this..Such character

Aww... A sleeping calf

A cute little kid goat

A pair of cute sleeping pigs...

Shetland Ponies - A baby and it's Mum

I love this black sheep....

A pair of cute sheep

A cute little duckling

Baby Ducklings

New baby chickens
A NEWLY hatched chick -so cute...

Cute little ducklings

Darren relaxing

The three of us -Darren, Me and Jacqui

A cappuccino

A self portrait on the Ferris wheel

The ferris wheel we all went on

Me at the haunted house ride

Jacqui and I

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  1. Love your photos Megan. Looks like you had a fantastic day!