Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Reason's Why I Don't Like Asperger's

Hello there people! The other day I wrote what were five reason why I liked having Asperger's. Now it has come to the time to describe the reasons why I don't like it. Yet i figure in life there are things there is good and bad. It matters how we deal with the challenges that arise to meet us...It makes us who we are as people.
Here's the list:

Five Reason's Why I Don't Like Asperger's
  1. Because of having Asperger's some people May think that your really not that bright or intelligent.
  2. People because if they think that way can try to take advantage of you in many different ways.
  3. It is hard to get services that is just right for adults with Asperger's Syndrome. Sure there is plenty of services for kids which is so great to see. Yet hopefully as more adults come through then it will be easier. So there still is hope.
  4. When some people hear the words 'Autistic Spectrum' their eyes just glaze over a bit and have trouble working out where you are on it. I've had one lady ask at a talk say "How is your reading Love? Are you good at it?" To which my reply was something like "Yes It is good... That's why I decided to write a book"....or something like that.
  5. Sometimes it takes me so much longer than 'normal' people to work out what people are really saying or doing. I find it hard whether they are really for or against me and their real intentions are.
So there you have it. Five reason why I don't like Asperger's at all. Yet I suppose that you have to take the bad with the good. What ever the fact is that I am just me like everybody else and trying to live life the best I can! Remember I am no different than anybody else...Who knows one day you might meet somebody like me.....
Goodnight for now dear readers... Have a restful night..


  1. I don't think there's anything I like about having the autism. I'm messed up because of it and have many issues which makes life so hard.

  2. I'm on the lighter end of Aseprger's, but I can see many ways how it has affected my life. I started blogging about it, too (and I added your link to my blogroll on WordPress!).

    Best wishes!
    Christy Fix

  3. Hi Megan... I've just started following your blog, as it has been suggested to me by several people I am close to that I may have aspergers. I've always felt and known I'm different, I always assumed that maybe because my IQ is higher than normal that I saw the world differently. But the more I read about Aspergers the more I see things that make me say "that could be me!". For some of the reasons you list, the reactions of others mostly, I am hesistant to get diagnosed while at the same time it would be nice to finally know that I'm not just weird or an asshole when relating to people, but that there is a valid neurological reason for my differences. Thank you for the posts, please keep writing!