Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday's RSL Talk & My Late Grandfather!

Wow! I can't believe that it's been a week since my last blog post. I've had a lot of different things happening and time has just flown by as does with life. I was also trying to prepare for a talk as well which I was feeling a bit nervous about. The talk was at 2pm at Epping RSL club in Sydney and the weather had been really rainy still which hasn't been good.

Anyway Tuesday came and the night before I hardly had any sleep which was not good. I woke up at about 3am and for the life of me could not get back to sleep. Tossing and turning like nothing else. Yet time was counting down for the talk so I was catching up with some work on the computer, got ready then I left. On the way halfway through the drive I noticed that my petrol gauge was on empty yet I kept on going because time was running away on me. Getting there I had to carry my box of books and a couple of bags upstairs. Luckily someone met me up there which was good and showed me where the room was. My Mum was running a bit late herself so it was a bit of a time of little drama's which for a person with Asperger's is most dicomforting. I only found out about five minutes before that they were having their own meeting for about 20 minutes.

So the meeting started and they remembered an old soldier who had died recently and we all stood up to say the remembrance oath? I think that is what it was called. Mum and I remembered my Grandfather who served in World War Two so thought should mention him at the beginning of my talk. Then my time came to talk....

I came up and gave my talk about my book yet it was a bit different. My lack of sleep was catching up with me and which felt weird. Yet I stuck in there finishing it. At the end they thanked me very warmly and also gave me a card. The people who were looking after Mum and I which was so nice and was truly appreciated. People were coming up and talking us which was great. So I sold and signed a few books for people who were inspired by my story.

That talk made me think about 'Max' my Grandfather who served in the war and was also a POW for three years of it. I was wondering what he had been through and wondering what it was like for him. Driving towards my partners house I was like a homing pigeon. Upon arrival I received a great big dose of affection which was needed and of course a nice cup of hot tea. We caught up with eachother and went for dinner at a local Chinese place we both like. After getting back from dinner we both had an early night because both of us were exhausted.

The next morning I was still tired yet that was expected with the big day before. As I left my sweeties house my mind turned to 'Max' so on the way home I went to the place where his ashes were, asked for a map and found them where they were resting. Feeling teary I sat down on the ground in front of his little niche. I had a tissue so I polished his little plaque and gave him a little flower. I hadn't visited him for years so I had a bit of catching up to do with the old guy. One thing he always said to me was "The world is your oyster!" which meant a lot to me.

He didn't say much this time yet I didn't expect him to. I told him about how I got the book published and other things I wanted to say as well. Also to touch his plaque with my hands felt so comforting because at last I could share with him how far I had come. Leaving there I was remembering my Grandfather and how much I loved him still. Yet at the same time I'm proud that his blood is running through my veins also. So dear 'Max' or Cyril my Grandfather I was a bit late for ANZAC day yet your forever in my heart!

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