Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Reason's Why I Like Asperger's

Hello there! I've been thinking lately what I do like about having Asperger's and what I don't like about having Aspergers Syndrome. It's something that I've thought about yet haven't put words to I don't think before.

Sure in my book I've basically said different things and how it has affected me through my life. Also how I've developed a few strategies to deal with the challenges that I've had to deal with. So today I'll share with you five reasons why I like having Asperger's . Here's the list:

Five Reasons Why I Like Asperger's

  1. I see life from a different perspective
  2. I tend to learn something different or new everyday.
  3. I find it a strength when dealing with certain issues.
  4. The diagnosis explains to me why I behave the way I do.
  5. I have found my voice through it to help spread more awareness about it.
I remember when I was first diagnosed at the age of 26 years old I found it hard to find positives about Asperger's. Also to move on as a person through the diagnosis and integrate it into everyday life. This may sound odd yet true because I had to come to terms with something which had remained a mystery for all my life. It was something which had caused me major pain and discomfort because I knew that I was different from other kids around me.

Yet with the diagnosis it opened up much needed explanations for my family and I. Since then we all have grown and learnt a lot yet are more understanding what actually Asperger's Syndrome actually is. As well how it affects me as a individual with it. I'm only talking about it from my view yet Asperger's can vary in different people for whatever reasons....some known and also unknown. That also explains why Aseperger's is explained as being on the 'broad spectrum' of Autism. I hope you find this helpful....Until next time....Farewell......

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  1. I'm glad you have found your voice to help spread awareness and I can't wait to read you book. Thank you for what you've done and keep up the good work. Take care!