Monday, May 24, 2010

Shopping Expedition

Hey there everyone!
Today I was visiting a friend of mine in the Western Suburbs. While she had an appointment in Parramatta... I decided to go to Parramatta Westfield to do a bit of window shopping.

I was in Dymocks looking for a book by Jeanette Purkis called "Finding A Different Type Of Normal". She is Another Aussie woman on the Spectrum who wrote a book on her life. I dearly would love to read the book because I saw her in a documentary a few weeks ago. Anyway they couldn't find it in their system so I thought I'd have a stab in the dark and see whether my book was there. The guy looked it up for me said there was a copy and we went and found it together.

Lifting the book of the shelf I turned it to my picture and asked him whether he recognised the person on the back cover. His face looked blank for a second then I told him it was me. He offered to take me to the computer in the shop to see how it was selling... His comments were it is selling well for a book in it's genre. To tip it of I asked to take a picture of my mobile phone with my book as a memento...He politely did it.... The poor young guy I think that he was a bit stunned to meet a real life author of a book in his shop. Because it's not everyday someone comes in to find a book which happens to be their own creation...

Well that just a funny thing that happened to me today which I wanted to share with you...
I wish you all a good night!!!

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