Friday, May 7, 2010

Woman VS Computer/Machine!!

Computer wins I lose..... computer wins....i lose. I try something still wins
Trying to work out the stupid computer, pages, groups, blogs, internet and emails a near nightmare as this technology is overtaking me as well as my mind....

In the end the computer wins....I lose once again.. worn out and frustrated I try to bustle up more energy for another battle...Woman VS Computer/Machine!!

Today this woman here had enough of technology computers and everything that she had her own little meltdown. If I was a volcano I would have been like the most recent one in Iceland....letting off a whole lot of steam, electricity ti match the lightening norse god of Thor!

Well tonight I'm off to bed early and going to be getting plenty of hugs tonight which will be a consellation. So The Woman does win in a sense after all.....
I'll stand up and fight another day.....yet goodnight sweet all!!!


  1. Get a mac, don't mean to start any debate, they just work.

  2. Yes I agree to that I like Mac's. They are easier than PC's that's for sure. Yet sometimes with all the different things on the internet can get pretty overwhelming.