Monday, May 3, 2010

Stephen Wiltshire At Customs House, Sydney

Last Friday 30th April which was the last day of Autism Awareness Month. A friend of mine decided to go see the exhibition of Stephen Wiltshire's artwork.

As we were walked in we noticed a group of people milling around some bright lights. As we got closer that it was the media hovering around Stephen Wiltshire himself and his latest artwork of Sydney. Now this was such a big surprise that we walked up and I started recording what was going as well as pictures.

We had walked into a media conference and Presentation where the NSW Premier was there as well as other important people. I was stunned and it felt like a dream seeing all this happening in front of me. I found myself at the very front seeing everything going on and I was up there with the best of them. Journalists, film crews and photographers jostling all around me which felt so funny.

There was a couple of presentations, speech from Stephen's sister, Stephen meeting the NSW Premier, showing his his artwork, also signing the latest piece and a few photo's for the press.
Halfway through I got really emotional and found that really weird. Afterwards I saw someone I knew from ASPECT so I went and said 'Hello' with my friend. We then ended up meeting and had a little talk to Stephen and also to his sister. It was very great honour to meet another creative person on the spectrum.

Afterwards it really hit me on how special and unexpected this was that I felt quite faint. Upstairs I ended up sitting down on a bench just to start to feel normal again from this exciting event. The rest of the day was quieter yet we were still in awe of everthing that had happened on this extra-ordinary day in the city!!

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