Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Gurgly Stomach

My stomach feels so gurgly tonight. It feels like I've got something in there which is going for it. Like the picture I've got on my blog tonight. If you could light the gas then it will be a flame like that.

I'm not to sure if I'm the only one on the ASD spectrum who has a really sensitive stomach...yet it sure is frustrating to say the least. It flares up when you least expect it and sometimes with food that you are so used to. For me tonight it has been peanut butter and bread i think. Or sometimes it can be really rich food that gets to me and also really sweet food as well. Does anyone else find that? Or just me?
I remember when I was younger that I had an allergy test which came up with a few allergies. I then went on a diet cutting those foods out. Now I'm on no such diet and I'm wondering whether I should get some more tests done to check a few things out.

I've also got ADD as well which can be quite annoying because some days I feel like that I've got no energy or motivation to do anything at all. No matter what i do or eat...I still feel tired with whatever activities I'm doing. That for me can be really depressing because it cuts into what I want to do with some activities.

Yet I do think that it's about time that I should find out once and for sure whether Asperger's Syndrome and ADD can be made worse by different food or diets at all. Because come to think of it I've always had a very sensitive stomach all my life which has frustrated me. So who know's?! A visit to a Doctors might do wonders for my tummy... I wil keep you posted.....


  1. Hi, I love your blog. I cam across it through fb! :) I have 2 sons with autism and their dad was just recently diagnosed with aspergers. :)

    What we found out about the allergy thing is there is no test for a lot of them- even our doctor said- the best test is just to go off something for 2 weeks that you think is causing the problem and see if you notice its better. Sounds not very scientific but I suppose if it works then its ok. My kids are all allergic to dairy- something you cannot test for. But has greatly reduced their stomach problems (for them yeast is also a big one- which flares up through sweet things). All non-testable at least here.

    I am going to see how I can get your book! Is it available outside of Australia, do you know? Or on Amazon maybe? Looking forward to it.

    My blog I just started is if you know how I could order your book would you leave me a comment? I cannot find it yet on amazon! Thank you!!

    Just 1 mom

  2. Hi Megan,
    There seems to be a link between ASD/Asperger's and stomach sensitivity. I keep coming across it in my research, although there's nothing conclusive. My 10 year old son is diagnosed with Asperger's and he complains of a sore tummy every so often. More often than not, it's related to stress, and usually the stress has to do with unfamiliar situations that will put him in the spotlight (school presentations, that sort of thing). I've also read that a gluten free, casein free diet helps. Not that I've tried it, my boy has been known to have meltdowns if he doesn't start the day with weetbix and milk.

  3. Hi Mega, I´m psychiatrist in Venezuela and working in autism since June 5, 1975. And now we have so many people with Asperger that never been diagnosed in the first years of life. They are arriving to me at 19, 30, 35 ,45 years old with bad diagnosis like schizophrenia, bipolar, psicopaty,etc. and receiving drugs to be treat. We use diets since first years of life, and vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, etc. and we treat the digestive problems because people with autism and Asperger have gastritis, duodenitis, colitis, reflux. I saw you have problems with gastritis. I would like to have your book. On June I´ll go to New jersey to visit son and grandchildren, and want to know were can I buy your book. Lilia Negron, M.D, Psychiatrist Our website facebook sovenia/cdta